Saturday, January 7, 2012

About Graphic Design...

It is awkward when someone suddenly turns to you and asks something that you know worth billions of money, and something that you know everyone knows it, except for the person who just asked you about the matter. The following dialogues below was recorded under a very conscious, and healthy conversation. Well of course, i did put some jokes to make it more interesting.

Q: " Dude, what is a Graphic Design?"

A: " Are you kidding me? You did not know that term for real?"

Q: " Nope, the girls in the class just now always talk about how cool to be a part of a Graphic Design department, and you mister, are the one from the department. Just tell me what is it?"

A: " Well, to be honest, i am quiet surprised to know that you did not know anything about it. Well, to make it simple, Graphic Design is a creative process to convey message through the usage of lines, shapes, values, textures, colors, images, and of course the fonts. You can see them all around you, look at those banners, those billboards, the wallpapers, the posters, and even the brochure you were holding right now. These are the examples of the results made through the usage of creative process or Graphic Design.

Q: "Big deals, but what happened if the graphic design did not exist at all? People can still live without those eye-catchy things. Is it matters anyway?"

A: "Is it matters? Well, my friend. If i were you, i would regret questioning the existence of these people, and i simply could not stand to watch the whole world dying from emptiness. Someone should have the responsibility to alter it creatively. THAT IS WHAT GRAPHIC DESIGN IS ALL ABOUT!"

Q: "Well i couldn't see the rational on why we the commoners should pay you hundred bucks just to do something that simple. It is just a design, everyone can do it, don't you think?"

A: "I found that punching your face repeatedly would be the most lovely of this conversation after hearing those imbecile questions. Okay, we the designers actually do not even have times for ourselves. We designed things for everyone on every occasions. On Christmas, on New Year's Eve, on Aidilfitri, we put our holiday aside just to make everyone's happy. Just imagine if we were not there for you, who would be the one to decorate things for you? Okay, you said it was easy, just do it yourself, then why are you standing here? Go make some designs so that i can see it. Look pal, designing is not about being pretty, is about the passionate, the sacrifices, the tears, the happiness, and everything that you could even think of. Designing something graphically is a job for a monster. Hope you don't ask any of those stupid question once again."

Q: "Okay then...eerr, what is the Graphic Design again?"
A: " ........................."

Meanwhile in a local news TV channel.

Male newscaster: This just in, a person was beaten to death in the head and was found under an abandoned bridge, without a single fabric on his body.

The thing is, I just want to tell you that the Graphic Design is a tough thing to do, and do not wailing on something you know least.

Till later guys. More upcoming post will be constantly related to Graphic Design after this. :D

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