Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Matrix 4 & 5: The Possibility in 3D?

Okay here's the kicking ass part, our beloved hero of Matrix world, Neo, starring Keanu Reeves has just released a statement regarding his further plan for two more sequels of The Matrix, making it the 4th and 5th in a row. The leading actor of the movies told that he have discussed the possibility of shooting the next two the Matrix Series in 3D, with the writers of sci-fi franchise, Andy and Larry Wachowski.

It seems that the Avatar creator James Cameron might put his hands on this, The Wachowskis will be the ones to ask for opinion about the 3D stuff, other than making the series more like the Avatar's. But how efficient might the 3D works on Matrix, you might ask? Well as long as we wont been seeing any blue monkey in the trailer, then we'll be giving the thumbs up, and of course, make some bullets or even thrown cars come out from the screen!

The famous actor said that the team were dedicated to deliver the audience something that never been seen before and would truly and completely transform the action movie genre, and might slightly changes the various perception upon the film itself! However, do not expect the movies to surface real soon cause the Wachowskis are planning to complete the new movie Cloud Atlas before proceeding to the both series of The Matrix.

Hey, actually i like the idea of bullets coming out from the screen! Yeah, we knew, that is the trademark of the film, flying bullets, slow motion bullets dodging and stuff, but since the Wachowskis prefer something different, why dont they consider to make something bigger just pop up and breach the screen, or let just say, bullet train?? Or you got something even better? Dont just bear that in mind, do share with me.  :D



  1. Eh, where would they take the story? I thought it was finished? Feels like they're trying to get on the 3D gravy train and that makes me skeptic on the story quality. I could be wrong though.

  2. I really thought that the 3rd one was the final one! Haha, but still,we'll be watching from distances, and lets just pray the movie worth the money. :D

    thanks for comment,patricia!

  3. I am a Matrix freak, would luv anything that comes out! Nice site by the way! Keep up the good work and dont stop!

  4. Haha,figured you're a Matrix freak..
    thanks a trillion for the motivation,yeah,i felt kinda down already before,seeing nobody wants to leave comment or something..but i prefer to stay as stronger as i could, working hard to reach more feedback from you guys..

    thanks for the comment,Ed!


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