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PSP2: Things you should know

* This picture do not reflects the exact conceptual shape of the real PSP2

Okay, here's a question before proceeding,are you a serious gamer?if you arent, then i pleased to ask you to make a move to the other topics,because this section is strictly for the serious ones only. Sorry for being rude, just to get yourself informed that most of the information extracted for this particular topic might end up useless for minors.

* This picture do not reflects the exact conceptual shape of the real PSP2

So, the rumors are seems to be strongly correct, PSP2 is going to hit us by the end of the year, but Sony have already get ourselves warmed up with some announcement to be made regarding the greatest handheld console invention-in-waiting. Sony defines that this January 27th, the four days ahead us, might be the day where a special meeting in Tokyo concerning the "business overview and strategy" and the day where PSP2 secret of existence will be unveiled, as claimed by the MCV and VG247's sources. But dont get pretty excited yet, the meeting might not having some major trade show meeting, just some boring speech stuff from the CEOs.

  * This picture do not reflects the exact conceptual shape of the real PSP2

Sony have already take part in showing off some prototype, claimed to be the PSP2 hardware and roughly mentioned about the similarity of size to the previous PSP 3000.As mentioned by earlier by Mortal Kombat's developers, Shaun Himmerick of Netherrealm Studio the machine looks powerful and might exposes the possibility of theirs to trust into the the future handheld gaming console, where a new Moral Kombat might be heading to PSP2. However, they planned not to have the attention of being amongst the first batch developers on the first day of launching.

Everybody literally loves touch screen based system navigation and gaming, but unless someone can miraculously  found a scientific breakthrough of getting some technology that enable the gamer to see things through their fingers, then playing serious games through a touch screen system might inevitably look ridiculously hard to accomplish the real satisfaction. Thus leading to some thoughts by many developers including the Apple, to put the touch sensitive section on the back of the device. Strong rumors regarding this innovation have claimed that Sony might take this thing seriously. Even though there's no official release statement concerning the way sensitive touch section getting its attention on the console, it is indeed not impossible for Sony to accomplish it.

* This picture do not reflects the exact conceptual shape of the real PSP2

Not enough for the rumors about the touch screen whatsoever, there are still rumors regarding the incoming PSP2 twitted from a Japan's Nikkei newspaper reporting the console to come with a crisp OLED touchscreen and 3G data from NTT DoCoMo when it arrives later this year, enabling multiplayer action and even full video and game downloads over the specifically Japanese cellular network. The paper also mentioned about the size of the screen might physically looks larger and will be powered by some potent new silicon! Well,this is a good news, most of the gamers love the PSP just for the large screen, and the little brother might follow the legacy with a brand new bigger screen gloriously!

One thing to be sure, Sony have learned from Nintendo's mistake, never put any tape or UMD or shits like that into the machine, it brings misery without mercy to both of developers and consumers. Face it, and get real.

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