Tuesday, February 15, 2011

iPhone 5: Now with a slide-out keyboard?

June is just around the corner, but for the Apple freaks and fanboys, the feeling to wait for it just resembling a one year waiting time, it seems from my observation, they just failed to bear any patience and seriously cant wait any longer for the release of the next upcoming iPhone 5! Settle down boys, here comes the latest news for your 3-months-later gadget. "Throw your iPhone 4G away,it's a piece of shit~"  :D

The news exploited by a Taiwan website, concerning the shocking company's revealing. Surprisingly, many rumors bursting the saying of Apple has already done building three hardware prototypes, one of them suggests a different conceptual shape by adding up a real slide-out keyboard feature! How cool is that? This might be due to the reason of many demands on something other than the touchscreen feature have been made for the past few years.

Another prototype suggests a similar look of the previous iPhone 4, except for the improved battery life, empowered 8 Megapixel camera, and of course, the improved overall  internal hardware. However, there is no telling about the third prototype, instead the website just mentioned about the upcoming iPad 2.

There are also rumors concerning the expanding of the phone's screen resolution which may exceed up to 4 inches! Wow, guess Apple has already figured the fact that the they are a little much behinds the track in the "big is better" competition.

A full credit to the Tom's Hardware for such a fantastic news!


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  2. Gee,thanks for the link Mr.Sahl ..
    will be there soon. :D


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