Thursday, March 24, 2011

Revelation: The second Silent Hill movie is on rolling!

 I think i'm a bit too late for this, but still yeah, i should be putting the news for anyone who doesnt know it yet. So here it is, the second sequel of the Silent Hill 2, entitled with the Silent Hill Revelation, coming in 3D! After reviewing some trailers, the first thought that crossed my mind was, Oh God, this should not be what i think it is; a fake, because there's a lot of hardcore fans out there, trying to put into an effort to produce their own Silent Hill movie. But after googling a little, i just found the answers and decided to post it in here. :D

 First, we'll be covering the production team, okay, the film is produced by Konami, Samuel Hadida, and Don Carmody, the same producers of Drag Me to Hell and Resident Evil Afterlife, written and directed by Michael J. Bassett, the same director of Deathwatch, Wilderness, and Solomon Kane. Starring Adelaide Clemens as Heather Mason, the main character from the Silent Hill 3 video game, Kit Harington as Vincent, Radha Mitchell as Rose, Sean Bean as Christopher Da Silva but some reports claimed that he will play for Harry Mason, and Deborah Kara Unger as Dahlia Gillespie.

 Second, we'll be covering a little about the storyline. The story mostly revolved from the Silent Hill 3, where Heather Mason as the main character, and her father have been on the run, always one step ahead of dangerous forces that she doesn't fully understand, The current plots will be telling a deepening story where Heather is on the eve of her 18th birthday, plagued by horrific nightmares and the disappearance of her father, Heather discloses the truth that she's not who she thinks she is, and the complicated roots of her life will mostly covers the whole story.

Sounds significantly complicated, eh? Yeah, that is why the Silent Hill will always be in the top of the most mysterious place ever be. And oh, Heather will be meeting Rose for the first time! Ohh, i cant help to overwhelmingly excited about this.

And yeah, everybody should be expecting the appearance of the infamous Silent Hill's Pyramid Head. Well, the good news is, he'll be appearing, as confirmed by the production team. :D

 Silent Hill Revelation is reported to start the shooting on March 7, 2011, and will be hitting the theater approximately by the winter of 2011 to spring of 2012.

As usual, i've prepared the trailer, so please help yourself to buffer or download. Happy watching, peps. :)

Sources: IMDB, Silent Hill Portal

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Silent Hill 8: Things you need to know

 Konami definitely has been kicking ass with the all succession achieved from their games franchises. This includes the succession of the survival horror video game franchise, the Silent Hill, which have been released since the first debut in January 31st, 1999. The titles included in the franchise are:

1. Silent Hill (PSX-PSONE,1999)
2. Silent Hill 2 (PS2, 2001)
3. Silent Hill 3 (PS2,2003)
4. Silent Hill 4: The Room (PS2,2004)
5. Silent Hill: Origins (PS2,PSP,2007)
6. Silent Hill: Homecoming (PS3,PC,2008)
7. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (PS2,PSP,2009)
8. Silent Hill: Downpour (2011)

Yes, this year it will be the 8th time for Konami to release the next franchise of Silent Hill, and it is confirmed already that title for this newly released would be "Downpour", extracted from a name of an area in the southeastern part of Silent Hill, and as the name itself suggests, water will be the main element and factor this time. Of course, it will not be a regular water but the creepy Silent Hill kind, meaning you'll find stuff like "bizarre water effects [that] look like an upside down river flowing across a ceiling" as reported by

 Apparently, the well-known Silent Hill landmark such as Alchemilla Hospital would not be appearing, but still the fans will be astonished by the appearance of more familiar places experienced from the previous adventures.The radius of the area is reported to be wide and massive and has a subway system.

One of the interesting things to know from the game, the developers will be working on the gameplay concerning the relevance of encountering the enemies just by fighting them alone. This means that it will revolves other strategy of surviving, like fleeing after hitting the enemies instead of beating them to their last twitch. Quicktime events will also take part during boss fights, as reported by the

 Fighting will be tougher than any previous franchise as the weapon inventory system will be no longer available. Guns have been degraded and potentially break after a frequent usage. Side quests have also been confirmed. This might be the reason of the developers want the players to experience the true survival in the horrifying world of the Silent Hill. I mean, what's the point of thrilled survival if you had loads of weapons and had nothing to be scared of.

Some rumors have already been circulating concerning the new approach of the gameplay feature, where the multiplayer will be available. Well, the answer for these rumors is, NO, there will be no multiplayer, confirmed by the producer himself, Devin Shatsky. 

According to the details extracted from the, Devin Shatsky rebuffed all rumors pertaining to said multiplayer feature, pointing out that his colleage Marek's answer in an interview must have been a mere misinterpretation. 

 "Whoever that Italian interviewer was either took Radek's comments completely out of context, or it was lost in translation." he said, "As previously mentioned, we were (many moons ago) investigating a separate Multiplayer mode, but that was quickly extinguished when we costed it out and determined how much resource time it would detract from the core singleplayer experience."

The game will be released for PS3 and XBOX 360 later this year.

Here's a full 4 minutes trailer for the game. Help yourself. :)


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Prototype 2: It's coming in hot!

 Remember the 2009's game produced by Radical Entertainment, where the only thing you need to do is to squash or destroy almost everything just to gain the magnificent power and mission objective? Yeah, the Prototype, and now, we'll be having the second sequel,entitled with the Prototype 2, pretty soon. Thanks to and the EGM Digital Magazine for such a great news! Arigato gozaimasu.

We'll be disclosing the details upon the game now.Let's see now...

Based on the sources, the game will be well prepared with:
  • Even more enhanced structures
  • Deepening storyline
  • New characters
  • New chicks
  • Storyline-connected side quests
  • Limited number of slots
  • Enemies and vehicles can be possibly dismembered.
  • and of course, it is the New York still, packed with 3 divided zones, literally based on the level of the infection; the green, yellow and red.
 However, there are things that would be permanently changed. For instance, the previous muscle mass power will be unavailable but being replaced with the tendril powers. Another change will be the power store reappearance, which will not be rolling on the next sequel, instead, an underground lairs will be used for a purpose of absorbing certain powers and upgrades from your nemesis.

Okay,that's it for now. I've prepared the trailer, so just help yourself. :)

*and oh yeah, there's nothing wrong with the released date on the trailer, it will be coming in the year of Mayan's, the 2012, be prepared. :D

Sources:, EGM Digital Magazine

Friday, March 11, 2011

Xperia Play: Coming this March!

Despite of the mourning upon the strike of the massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake and having the closure of six major factories throughout the mother country Japan, Sony somehow managed to come out with a statement mentioned the details upon the Xperia Play's released date on UK!

The Sony Ericsson's marketing director for UK and Ireland, David Hilton stated that the long waiting for the region will be last until this March 31st, packed with six pre-installed games! ( Bruce Lee Dragon Warriors, Tetris, Star Battalion, Crash Bandicoot, FIFA 2010, and the famous The Sim 3)

Also being mentioned is the news regarding more than 50 games will also be available for download via the Sony Playstation's Suite, which will include the classic PSOne titles and current smartphone games built exclusively according to the specification made for the phone.

The director also mentioned the massive commercial planning expected to coming on the following days, "We are currently still in commercial conversation, but I’d be surprised if we didn’t see Xperia Play appear in other channels.", he said. "All the mobile operators and retailers are selling it. It is rare these days to get a product that is sold everywhere, but this is one of those.This will be the biggest marketing campaign we have had in the UK".
The released date of the other regions will be announced sooner. Stay tuned.

Source:, engadget

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The iPad 2 is here!


From the Apple's iPad 2 event, the ultimate MacOS company starring Steve Jobs himself,  is currently releasing the latest official debut and information about the next generation of iPad, and yes, this is no joke! Full credits to the engadget teams for the news and the picture!

The iPad 2 will be packed firmly with the dual-core A5 chip, new CPU with twice the speed, enhanced graphic performance exceeded up to nine times better than its predecessor, HDMI output ready, and hell yeah, it finally comes with front and rear cameras

However, there are things that will be left untouched, such as the power requirements, and the 10 hours compromised battery power, exactly  the same as the first iPad. But what a surprise, the pricing will be statically unchanged and seemly unaltered at all! The price will be approximately at $499 (converted to Malaysian Ringgit, it will be RM1518.33)  at the least! Also, the gadget will comes in a rather thinner shape with two colors, the black and white.

The iPad 2 will be starting to sail and meet the stores at March 11, 2011.

(will be updated more, stay tuned!)


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nintendo 3DS hacked!

It's been only 5 days from the first Japan's shipment of the Nintendo 3DS; being wiped out of all 400,000 units for the first 24 hours of launching, and few days later, of course, something to be predicted already, booyah! The device ,somehow, is successfully hacked!

Nintendo does giving its best shot on the attempt to firmly secure 3DS from any piracy approach, however, things that happened suggest a rather more distraught and stressful outcome. Videos concerning a hacking demonstration through the use of an R4 card  has been world widely watched through Youtube, with an exceeded 77,524 viewers already! (based on the time this article is written)

"Dude,what is an R4 card?"

The R4 card is also best known as the R4 DS or R4 Revolution, commonly used for Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS Lite or Nintendo DSi to play game, music, and many other tasks. It works like the UMD for PSP, or the tape for Gameboy. The R4 card comes in a size of a regular Nintendo DS cartridge.

Although some of the community resisted to accept such demonstration is a way of the hacking procedure, but inevitably we have to admit that this will be assumed to be the starting line between the hacker lovers and haters. Let the game begins!

PSP Go is still alive!

Okay,we might probably heard the news that the first shipment of the newly released Nintendo 3DS, which has been launched just 5 days ago in Japan, sold out completely. Well, it is a common thing to happen (especially for the Japanese hardcore gamers) whenever new console arrived in town,isn't it? But here, we'll not be talking about the 3DS, but instead, the spotlight for now is the so-called-failed-product, Sony PSP Go, believe me guys, it got sales boost! Credits to for such an awesome expose!

The list indicates the hardware sales for the week ending February 20th based on Media Create chart :
  • PSP – 63,330
  • PS3 – 25,242
  • Wii – 12,221
  • DSi LL – 10,037
  • DSi – 8,022
  • PSP go – 2,487
  • Xbox 360 – 2,183
  • PS2 – 1,863
  • DS Lite – 973

 For the sales of PSP Go, yeah, we know that 2,487 would be probably counted as shits, but hey, look at what happens to the sales of the same device last week!

  • PSP – 106,893
  • PS3 – 26,766
  • Wii – 15,028
  • DSi LL – 12,069
  • DSi – 10,039
  • Xbox 360 – 2,118
  • PS2 – 1,665
  • DS Lite – 1,003
  • PSP go - 10

For those who think that 10 is not a big deal, well, to my own rationality, it is a big number since we have the consistent rumors, saying people will waste no more dollars on PSP Go, unless they know nothing about the device at all. The purchasing are still going, at the least of 10 units last week!  it is the best thing could really happen to the device! Yet, from the list, the most easiest conclusion we could suggest so far would be the nigiyaka (lively) sales for the Sony's ultimate gaming device are due to the fact that people still love to play the PSP, even the Playstation 3 just managed to come out as the second.

Meanwhile in another happening news, the SCEE (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe) is expected to come out with surprises for the PSP,of what they claimed as the "exciting PSP plan". However, there will be no telling about what could precisely included in the manifesto. Despite of not knowing the truth yet, some accounts from the source website have already predicted the possibilities of the content in the plan!

"The announcement for Europe is probably PSP drop price. $129.99 converted to pounds is £79.92 but it'll end up costing about £100.00 or so. I wish it'd really cost £79,92 (around this price) and not £100,00 but it's due to extra charges." - Owner1

"i bet they're gonna have a price drop of their own as well, but not the directly converted price from the US. but i do hope these "exciting plans" are indeed worth looking more into" - Glenn M

"gtfo troll. The NGP probably has the ability to play the lesser resource using ones and why would it have OOS when it is Sony you are talking about? Back on subject, I get the feeling that the exciting plans might include a price drop for PSP-Gos and probably something to do with PSN." - Etnas Prinny

Based on the comments, i'm pretty sure as well that the plan should be covering the strategy for the price drops. This is a great approach though since people are getting sick day by day just to wait for an original UMD without a jaw dropping price tag, especially the ones with PSP Go.

Sources:, Media Create
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