Monday, January 31, 2011

Henry Cavill is the next Clark Kent

Not long after my previous post about Andrew Garfield, here comes another gorgeous British actor, Henry Cavill who has being announced by Warner Bros to enroll the most recognized and revered superhero character of all time,the Superman! The  announcement is made today via a joint statement with Legendary Pictures, according to the

Henry William Dalgliesh Cavil who was born on May 5 1983 in the Channel Island, Jersey, has already made a number of progressions through many films including , Laguna ( 2001 ), The Count of Monte Cristo ( 2002 ), I Captured the Castle ( 2003 ), Red Riding Hood ( 2004 ), and when on the showtime, he played a character named Charles Brandon, the 1st Duke of Suffolk in the series of The Tudors ( 2007 - 2010 ), and yes, he is about to play the most significant character of all the time, Clark Kent from the Superman in 2012!

The director Zack Synder commented upon the declaration of the new casting to be such an exciting moment when it comes to Henry, agreed with honor to play such a character. This is based on the statement of his, "In the pantheon of superheroes, Superman is the most recognised and revered character of all time and I am honoured to be a part of his return to the big screen, I also join Warner Bros, Legendary and the producers in saying how excited we are about the casting of Henry. He is the perfect choice to don the cape and S shield."

It is said that the working title would be "Man of Steel." Okay, here's my comment, first, i dont really care about who's going to play for the character, as long as he's a white (no offense),a body builder, has a great looking, AND possesses the truly heroic charismatic. Who wants to see the Clark Kent with an appearance of a street dude anyway.

Second, i dont know about you, but some many rumors said that this character, the Clark Kent, is a cursed one, or rather being called as the "Superman Curse". hold on, i'm not into drugs or something, but just look at the oldies who played the superhero for the last few decades, for example Christopher Reeve, Siegel & Shuster, The Fleischer Brothers, Kirk Alyn, and even John F. Kennedy; these guys are said to meet some misfortune events accused to have a serious relation with the superhero franchise. Do your own research to find out more. But i do hope Henry will survive the so-called Superman curse.


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Andrew Garfield is the next Peter Parker

 It's a pain in the chest to know that Tobey Maguire will be no longer doing the bungee jump with his  spidey threads, and instead, it is a pain in the ass to know that someone is going to replace him, for me at least. I liked Maguire to just stay and be the New York hero, and hated to face the cast substitution. However, once Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios just announced Andrew Garfield to become the next Spiderman, i've started to change my way of viewing things in the film, this might be interesting!

For those who didnt know about who on earth is Andrew Garfield; he's a 26 year-old actor from British, happened to successfully play numbers of characters, such as Eduardo in The Social Network, Jack Burridge in Boy A, and Anton in The Imaginarum of Doctor Parnassus, and in the future to play the next Peter Parker. Amongst the 6 famous actors including Jamie Bell, Josh Hutcherson, Alden Ehrenreich, Frank Dillane, Aaron Johson, and Anton Yelchin, Andrew is the only candidate to be selected and stated to be the most talented actor on the list.

 The selection of the actor was revealed at a press event in Cancun, Mexico. Marc Webb, the director mentioned some compliment comments and the relevance of choice him based on his saying; “Though his name may be new to many, those who know this young actor’s work understand his extraordinary talents. He has a rare combination of intelligence, wit, and humanity. Mark my words, you will love Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker.”

I like this guy though, he built a good,no,a brilliant character in most films, so based on the previous performance, he's a serious talented person, and i can see a future Peter Parker in him. Best of luck, Andrew!

Here's a brief introduction video of the rumored Spiderman the 3D, notice Andrew Garfield there, enjoy! :D

Source: slashfilm

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The latest Evil Dead is coming!

Have you ever watched the most horrifying 1981 horror film The Evil Dead? Ya know, the one that based on the story from a group of students, having some kind of vacation and planning to stay in an isolated wooden cabin, and being haunted by the spirit of the woods? I can see that you're nodding! I loved watching it once i was a child, the props were too real! My sanity was merely there when i watched too much blood splashed through the movie, couldn't help peeking through my fingers just to keep myself updated on what would really happen next. What a childhood memory. I wish i could watch it again. :D

Luckily for the lovers, the film director Sam Raimi is reported to produce the latest sequel for the film; the director's business and producing partner Rob Tapert mentioning about looking for a script in a recent press conference with Detroit Free Press, considering the idea of returning another glorious, horrifying The Evil Dead. He said it is not impossible to realize such a thing. The franchise already has two sequels in a row, entitling with 1987's The Evil Dead II and 1992's Army of Darkness, and the latest one will be considered in progress.

From my point of view, i just dislike both of previous sequels, why? Because the story plot seemly ridiculous, and kinda funny. Watch them for yourself and experience the awkwardness of the sequels, at least it's from my personal opinion. That's the only reason i wish for another latest sequel, the one without the drastic story plot change, and please do not change the cast, especially the old Bruce Champbell, he's the heart of the story so far!  :D

* I heard The Evil Dead has its own video game! Is it the same as House of Dead? I barely remember. :P

Here's the trailer from the first Evil Dead in 1981,enjoy the classics!


Is it wrong to use English?

I looked through all of my friends' blogs; they seems very creative in terms of designing the headers, the sidebars, the entry boards, almost everything. Some of them got what it really takes to have numbers of interesting and useful topics, but some of them just cant stand a chance. This is based on how much followers i saw for respective account at a time. And yes, they used the native language of Malaysia, the bahasa melayu.

I dont know where should i put this, but through the creative usage of native language, some of them got almost a thousand followers, just by posting some irrelevant entries and seemly ridiculous based on my perception, leaving me to ask myself a question; is the factor of using foreign language affects people's interest of reading and following, especially for the Malay people?

"Is it wrong to use English?", i kept asking myself, and failed to stop thinking about it. The only reason for me to use English as the primary language is just to be fair with everyone. I got followers from many major regions of the world, including the ones from the United States, India, New Zealand, and Indonesia. Hence, if i happened to use bahasa melayu to describe a very interesting entertainment release, or gossips, or games feed, does it seems to be a little bit unfair to those who cant understand the native language in the first place? Personally, i think everybody deserves to understand what exactly is going on.

Is it difficult to understand my words? Are you having problems in replying proper comment? Are you sick of reading English-based text? These are the questions that i merely got the right answers. People are not responding to most entry i made for the last 7 days. I do not mean to boast myself, but i think i got the rights to receive any constructive comment upon entries that i found interesting and latest. It's not like i'm currently using a Cambridge English standard, plus my English phrases are at worst!

I bet nobody's gonna answer at these either.
Sorry for posting a rubbish entry, just happened to write this due to the frustration of seeing such poor feedback from you guys. My full throttled enthusiasm of blogging nearly comes to a halt right now.

*You may post your comment in both English and Malay, or pick any as you pleased. If you wish not to comment, just leave.

Friday, January 28, 2011

NGP will comes in 2 versions, undetermined pricing

Due to the recent succession of publishing the latest invention of the next handheld gaming console, i've been thinking a lot of cool words of compliment to be matched with Sony, not until this morning, i got a news concerning about the decision made by Sony; planning to release two different versions of Sony Next Generation Portable (NGP), one with the 3G capability and the other one without, and now it confuses me, leading to a question; are you sure about making this stuff?

A report from Eurogamer claimed that Sony stated the uncertain decision was not made clear during the announcement presentation last January 27th; not all of Sony's handhelds with have function of 3G functionality, but according to SCEE boss Andrew House, the Wi-Fi capability will have no changes in planning, assuring that all devices will have the built-in Wi-Fi. It is due to the fact that Sony wants to secure the 3G partnerships leading to such decision, and the service will be charged based on the usage capacity.

About the price tag prediction, the device will not expecting more than $599 ( if converted to Malaysian Ringgit, it is RM1830.24 excluding the tax), as quoted by Shu Yoshida, the SCEE executive, "From the very beginning of the project, pricing was one of the considerations that we had. Hopefully when we announce the price, people will see the proper value." He mentioned about it after being reminded of how expensive the PS3 the first time its launched many years ago.

Okay,enough with the report, personally i do really think that Sony will face more intricacy if the issues of what version to be made bumping the company, they should be thinking more deeply before going for a huge presentation. I hope Sony do not plan to boast and said only cool things which are too good to be true during last the presentation because it really sounds pathetic. Man, it is not like i want to complain everything, just to voice out my worries upon the flow of the device development. Sony shouldnt be messing up things in order to gain more attention from everyone.

About the price, i got nothing much to say, but based on the general comments from most forums, the people predict it will be ridiculously expensive.Although the representative just considered to tag a relevant pricing in the future, there will no guarantee on how "relevant" it will be.

Source: IGN

Gaga wishes for exotic scent!

 The "artificial bitchy artist" is being weird again, and this time, she plans to step into the shoes of perfume industry, wishing to release an exotic perfume or rather being called, the scent of blood and semen, which brought me into saying inappropriate things like, "she's fucking kidding,right?"

Guys? Does semen refers to some sort of perfume in the dictionary? And if we minus the horny couple, who's in their right mind, will gonna love such a bullshit like that? Although it is not a direct sourced rumors, instead coming from her selected perfumers, claiming the artist asked her to make such perfume, i really cant tolerate that as just a rumor, nothing more.

Our kids are tend to follow the trend, especially from the TV ads. Just imagine if the perfume idea was real, dont you think it's a little bit of annoying to smell others' semen in your dining room air? Will the new semen perfume conditioning making your food smells desirable? Do you think your daughter tells you that with the new perfume, she make her room smells like semen just to cover her boyfriend actual semen on the floor corners? Think of it. These might happens.

 Somebody's gonna stop Gaga from achieving such an inconvenience desire. What is wrong with the most expensive perfume in the world? Or she just lost the functionality of nose, misinterpreting the semen scent as something that comes straight from heaven itself? I seriously cant help to get it right.

*But hey, i just figured the only bright side of the perfume; making your girl easier to laid. :)


LG expected to lead the 3D phone!

Yeah,there's nothing wrong with the title, as we can see today,almost everything around us, somehow attempting the possibility to be ignited through the all new 3D-based technology; the wide-screen television, the cinema, the computer, the portable gaming device, pornography adult movies, you name it. And for now, whether you wanna take this as a joke or not, here comes the first phone in 3D!

Sources stated that LG will become the first developer to actually build a working phone without any special 3D glasses. The prediction is based on the invitation content the company begun to send out regarding the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, mentioning something about "Into the New Dimension. Experience the new world that LG is opening.' Well, for some people, it is obvious, LG is thinking about the 3D stuff. It's a contemporary trend anyway.

For the locals, usually The Mobile World Congress never get too much attention, but due to the 3D speculation, somehow it is this year that the perception might changes. It is expected to be huge! We can say that people hate to wear glasses just to get a better view of the 3D screen, and it seems to be a trend nowadays to not to wear anymore glasses. This is perfect for LG to prove that the mobile got what it takes to handle the 3D stuff without wearing any weird stuff.

The event will be held exactly on Valentine's Day, so if you really care about making something special or romantic to your spouse, well, i just gave you a hint; you might be thinking Barcelona right now, make her smile and say something like, "George, promise me that you're gonna buy the 3D LG for me pleeeaase??"  :D

Source: I4U News

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sony "PSP2" is finally here !

Gosh, the time goes really really fast, seriously,thought i just updated the last post about the so-called PSP2, then today, the news about the real look of PSP2 is finally revealed! Thanks to my friend Nizam for your quick response! I owe you one, dude, and i want to extend my thanks to IGN for such a breaking news,and cool pictures!  :D

So, today is the day when Sony finally showed us the real thing! Sony stated that the device would be given a codename NGP that stands for Next Generation Portable, and it will be hitting the market approximately by the end of the 2011. However, there would be no telling about the pricing yet.

According to the sources, NGP will come up with a small flash memory based card, exclusively for NGP software titles, and the card is capable to store full game titles and add-on game content or save data. They added that capacity of the card can be enhanced in the future in order to store more game data. The device also supports Playstation Network Trophies.

And hell yeah! The best part of the news, NGP will be equipped with a touch screen on top and a touch pad on the bottom! This allows the players to interact with games through tricks like touching, grabbing, pushing, tracing, and pulling, simply from the fingers!

These are the specification made for the NGP:

ARM Corte-A9 core (4 core)


External Dimensions:
Approx. 182.0 x 18.6 x 83.5mm (width x height x depth) (tentative, excludes largest projection)

(Touch screen) 5 inches (16:9), 960 x 544, Approx. 16 million colors, OLED Multi touch screen (capacitive type)

Rear touch pad:
Multi touch pad (capacitive type)

Front camera, Rear camera

Built-in stereo speakers, built-in microphone

Six-axis motion sensing system (three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer)
Three-axis electronic compass
Built-in GPS
Wi-Fi location service support

PS button
Power button
Directional buttons (Up/Down/Right/Left)
Action buttons (Triangle, Circle, Cross, Square)
Shoulder buttons (Right/Left)
Right stick, Left stick
START button, SELECT button
Volume buttons (+/-)

Wireless Communications:
Mobile network connectivity (3G)
IEEE 802.11b/g/n (n = 1x1)
(Wi-Fi) (Infrastructure mode/Ad-hoc mode)
Bluetooth 2.1+EDR (A2DP/AVRCP/HSP)

The list of the games confirmed to be loaded through NGP soon:

Hot Shot Golf Next
Little Big Planet
Hustle Kings
Uncharted Portable
Llittle Deviant
Gravity Daze
Reality Fighters
Smart As

Want to see the video review? Go ahead!  :)

Source: IGN

Simon West talks about the next Con Air

Do you remember the 1997 American action-thriller movie Con Air? The one with leading actor Nicholas Cage as the hero, and John Malkovich as the badass leader? Aaahhh, what a classic moment, dont you think? The story nominated 2 Oscar awards plus 2 winnings and another 8 nominations, making the movie likely one of the best in history. I love and enjoy watching the movie for numerous times, the story plot is great, and thrilled myself to the max the first time i watched in 1998.

I always wished Simon West would consider a sequel back there, and now, guess God just granted my wish. Simon West is actually talking about his planning to make a sequel for the most famous movie back at 1997! I was just like,oh my God, I couldnt be happier than this! This is great!

Simon West stated to that he would like to put feelers out about making the new film, based on his conversation with Nicholas Cage, the main actor of the film. "It's a matter of getting everybody together," he said. "There's so many people involved and it's about getting everybody to agree. But I'm going to bring it up to Nic. I'm going to put a bug in his ear about it. If the two of us want to do it, we'll go after the others."

Simon referred "others" here as the former cast member of the previous sequel, including John Malkovich, Steve Buscemi, Colm Meaney, John Cusack, Ying Rhames, Dave Chappelle and Mc Gainey.

I cant help it, i just love Con Air, and i do believe you are the lover too. I wish Simon will turn the rough brainstormed idea into the real thing, and of course, i might as well support any action that contributes to the succession of the film. Way to go, buddy!

* Seat back and enjoy the classic moment with the 1997 Con Air trailer!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Unleashing the Need For Speed Shift 2!

Let me get this straight, i hate any racing games which cover the whole career mode in circuits, and i hate to follow few orders on the gear shift management just to make a lap or corner turn out efficiently. In short, i hate most of the legal racing game, yeah, i said it,most of it, i'm just more into the street race, the ones that requires a full gut of being chased by the police army. Sorry, i just to need to admit this before proceeding to the title, just to make sure your view is clear, that i'm the guy who hates circuit based racing game. Okay, let us continue with the most exciting part,well,for certain people..

So what now? The Electronic Arts (EA) just startled me with the announcement of making the second sequel for the previous Need For Speed Shift, coming to Europe stores this March 24th. The sequel will be named as Need For Speed Shift 2: Unleashed.

Actually the announcement was made since the end of last year, and i just missed the information. Never mind that, the next sequel is expected to retain some of the most infamous features from the previous sequel, which are the experience points, leveling, badges for performance, visceral driver/track interaction and of course, the peak of realism experience will covers most of these. So, what are the improvements? Here, you got a full Elite simulation mode,similarly with the ones from both Morza and Gran Turismo, full damage is now available, allowing the players to end their races with such horrifying crashes. The physics are improved, and the AI is getting smarter,or even, smarter than you.

For me, the true innovation is the helmet cam, another point of view that disconnects the driver's perspective from the body of the car and simulates a real head on a real neck, so the IGN said. This will contributes more for the gamers out there who boost out for the reality life simulation. There will be stat meters, upgrades and tweak galore too.

Need some video review? Just buffer the video for me please.  :)


Intel's New Director of Creative Innovation Goes to...Will.I.Am???

I just accidentally spitted out half of my coke once reading such article, mentioning the name Will.I.Am connected to the title, what the hell? The Black Eyed Peas's Will.I.Am? But after reading the details, perhaps i could swallow the fact that he might be the right guy,just maybe.

According to the sources, Intel announced on Tuesday at their internal sales and marketing conference, the Grammy-award hip hop star will become the next Intel's New Director of Creative Innovation, expected to lend hands within the range of device development, which covers the development of laptops, smart phones and also the tablets. Intel is the most largest chipmaker of the world which dominates almost entire world's personal computer with its chips, stated to gain the attention of the youngsters by combining both entertainment and technology.

Will-I-Am was the one to take responsible for the overcrowded people on the CES (Consumer Electronic Shows) 2010, leading to the relevance of getting the musician aboard the company. In easier words, no Will-I-Am, no teens.

Well,be prepared to read my personal comment upon the absurdly shocking news. First thing, this is what i have in mind the first time i know about this - OMG, i just cant believe that the rapper will become one of the geek guys from a company that dominates the computer industry. I mean, come on, he doesnt even look like one. He deserved to be something else, perhaps an ambassador. (or he might act like a director with an ambassador craps inside,that is cool though)

The creative director is just too much. I dunno what might Intel gain by the end of the development progress, let's just assume, all laptop, smart phones and tablet will be made based on what Will have in mind. Then what's next? Well, at least, the chips will be molded in gold, just like the ones rappers hold in their teeth.

But when it comes to the relevance information mentioned above, i do think that they got the point there. Every teen, no, everyone love Will.I.Am for his voice and his songs. In fact, inviting the rapper to any ceremony or concert is the easiest way to gain the crowd traffic. So, Intel, you just made a great move, be sure to watch Will.I.Am for us. Make sure he wont mess up things.  :D

Angles: The Strokes bang the list!

"Behold master, the mighty band is about to grant you the tracklisting for their fourth album, 'Angles'!" - so the genie said to Ali Baba, so, what might Ali probably says? if you ask me,then i'm telling ya, guess Ali will cuts the genie's head into half, and make way to find another genie that could really grant him the gold.  XD

Haha, enough with the bulls, hate to make some bad jokes anyway.  So The Strokes made it, they just revealed the new album, and for the lovers, it is certain to ask what could be better than that? The album is scheduled to be released on March 21 and March 22 in the UK and US respectively. This excludes the single 'Under Cover of Darkness' reported to have no release date yet.

Okay, here's the tracklist for the album "Angle":

'Machu Picchu'
'Under Cover of Darkness'
'Two Kinds of Happiness'
'You’re So Right'
'Taken For A Fool'
'Call Me Back'
'Life Is Simple In The Moonlight'

So guys, i know you cant stand the cost, but try to purchase the album LEGALLY, support the band, never make your way to the isohunt or limewire or other torrent providers, if you really care and called yourself a hardcore fan, you should be understand on what exactly i am talking about,yeah ,say no the piracy, support the band! yeah!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

PSP2: The Official Shape Exposed???

What's that? The official photo leaked? Oh my God, if that was supposed to be true, then Sony should be in a lot of trouble right now, they ARE already in unsettled business regarding the so-called allegation made by Geohot with the PS3 jailbraking, and now they are about to get troubled with some exposed images, claiming to be the real thing, the PSP2!

Even Sony themselves have nothing to say about the pictures, yet, but i can assure you that their representative will take a very effective action, just to cover up their little secret asses about the real thing, they will say no to the picture, and they will deny at any cost, assuring people to get over it, never thinking about it anymore. However, things happen today aren't exactly according to their plan. People may talk, speculate, and even believe that Sony is just trying to cover things up.

Okay let's just get started with the picture craps. Bear this in your mind, this is just an "official" picture, (notice the quotation marks), since there is no official statement about any Sony PSP2 shape debut yet, then we can still assume some portion of the image might be taken as a joke. You have the right to judge based on your instinct, or some knowledge whatsoever. Full credit to for such a magnificent leaking!

But do Sony actually know about this? Perhaps they do, because some week after this, they are about to schedule an official release of their latest Playstation Portable model. Yeah, they will talk about this, a lot!

Now now, according to the picture, the next model will come up with a slider, similar to the one on PSP Go, just a little differ with the shape, and thank God, Sony are finally using their mind right now, it has two analogs! We've been waiting for this like thousands ages! The buttons are fine, look simple but significant. As we have been exposed before, the screen  might be a little wider from the previous version, making the overall size will be expanded as well. It has a 32GB SD PSP2 "memory card brand", but wait a minute, did i just see a stylus?? A Playstation? With a stylus??

This is so much similar to the Playstation Phone, ya know, the one from Sony Ericsson, and what the hell does a stylus has to do with the console? When it comes to the stylus part, i do think that this picture is a crap, but who am i to overwhelmingly comment such insignificancy? So i just let you guys to do the judge.

Avatar 2 & 3: Are they for real?

Do we have to wait for another 10 to 20 years just for the sequels of the most greatest film in history, Avatar? If you really have the guarantee to live that long, that you might just simply answer me without hesitation, but for those who dont, then here's a great news for you! James Cameron has just released a statement concerning the planning to resume sequels for the film named Avatar 2 and Avatar 3, back-to-back, and might come out 3 or 4 years from now!

The director of Titanic and Avatar revealed them to Entertainment Weekly that the third sequel will not be hitting the cinema in a very short period, but a year after the second sequel, and mentioned about how busy he was, writing the script for both sequels."I am in the process of writing the next two Avatar films now," he said. "We are planning to shoot them together and post them together, and we will probably release them not quite back-to-back, but about a year apart." James Cameron also stated that the films will hit the cinema approximately December 2014 and 2015 respectively.

Another good news, there will no changes in the casting, the original ones will stay. Seriously, i glad he give that a guarantee, i really just dont want Avatar to end up the same as the second sequel of Iron Man, i love the former Lt. Colonel James Rhodey Rhodes,well a personal view perhaps. Apart from mentioning about the return of the original cast, some percentage of the sequel profits will be given to charity as Cameron explained. Together with Fox, he'll be delivering a chunk of the profits due to the environmental reasons, explaining that it has something to do with the heart of the film.

The first Avatar was released in 2009, and scored one of the most highest hits of all time in the United State and Canada. Based on the technology used to create Avatar, the second and third sequels of the film will be much easier to be done. So, we just dont have to wait that long, couple of years and boo-yah! Another greatest film is in the house!

The Matrix 4 & 5: The Possibility in 3D?

Okay here's the kicking ass part, our beloved hero of Matrix world, Neo, starring Keanu Reeves has just released a statement regarding his further plan for two more sequels of The Matrix, making it the 4th and 5th in a row. The leading actor of the movies told that he have discussed the possibility of shooting the next two the Matrix Series in 3D, with the writers of sci-fi franchise, Andy and Larry Wachowski.

It seems that the Avatar creator James Cameron might put his hands on this, The Wachowskis will be the ones to ask for opinion about the 3D stuff, other than making the series more like the Avatar's. But how efficient might the 3D works on Matrix, you might ask? Well as long as we wont been seeing any blue monkey in the trailer, then we'll be giving the thumbs up, and of course, make some bullets or even thrown cars come out from the screen!

The famous actor said that the team were dedicated to deliver the audience something that never been seen before and would truly and completely transform the action movie genre, and might slightly changes the various perception upon the film itself! However, do not expect the movies to surface real soon cause the Wachowskis are planning to complete the new movie Cloud Atlas before proceeding to the both series of The Matrix.

Hey, actually i like the idea of bullets coming out from the screen! Yeah, we knew, that is the trademark of the film, flying bullets, slow motion bullets dodging and stuff, but since the Wachowskis prefer something different, why dont they consider to make something bigger just pop up and breach the screen, or let just say, bullet train?? Or you got something even better? Dont just bear that in mind, do share with me.  :D


Monday, January 24, 2011

Dead Space 2: Hitting the market now!

 As i am writing right now, the most terrifying, horrifying video game ever created on earth is striking the market, available for almost all platforms, including the iOS based ones, the iPhone 4G, iPad, and iPod Touch 4G! But wait, the version iOS will not be entitled with Dead Space 2, just a sequence between the first and second version of the game. Good news, the iOS version is already out, so make sure to get yourself a copy!

Anyway, let's focus on the other platform of Dead Space 2. Interested to get one? Well, get yourself $54.96 and you'll be able to purchase a pre-order stock from the Amazon, giving you the 8% discount prior to the title released today! Plus, free shipping!

Here's the list of standard price based on respective platforms on Amazon:

Playstation 3 - $54.96 ,saved $5.03 based on the original price $59.99
(converted to Malaysian Ringgit - RM168.08, tax excluded)

XBOX 360 - $54.96 ,saved $5.03 based on the original price $59.99
(converted to Malaysian Ringgit - RM168.08, tax excluded)

PC - $56.99 ,saved $2.96 based on the original price $59.95
(converted to Malaysian Ringgit - RM174.29, tax excluded)

Dead Space 2 is a sequence of the previous game, Dead Space, a collaboration of EA Inc. and Visceral Games. The previous version of the game was a flying colors success, and yet to be predicted the second one will meet the same result, or even greater. Dead Space 2 comes with a multiplayer features up to 8 players online in objective-based mission setting in five astonishing locations.

Get your ass up and start playing the f-ing awesome game!

Source: Amazon

iPad 2 & iPhone 5: On the Track!

 Holy mother, they ARE for real this time! Those two sacred gadgets are about to hit us real soon! Be prepared to spare more money or simply throw your former iPad or iPhone 4G to eBay or Amazon to gain the extra ones. Want to know more? I've prepared the text, so help yourself!

A contemporary shocking news about the iPad 2 existence exposes by Monday China's Commercial Times, reporting that Apple's manufacturing partners will begin the iPad 2 production next month, but mentioning about giving it just a "little space".It was expected to see more productions by the second quarter of calendar 2011. Apple express their decision to keep Foxconn as its largest manufacturing partner while Pegatron and Apple's other suppliers will be focusing on the process of manufacturing.

As far as i've already known based on the information gathered, the new coming iPad 2 will come up with a resolution of 2048 x 1536, however, the exposes are still in ambiguous, as IDC reseach manager Tom Mainelli said that such report was a bit premature, and not yet to be confirmed. What is shocking, that resolution is supposed to be for the next iPad 3! So, without any prior notice to the public they have already make up the planning, which seems to be too far  to be good. (well,that's my personal opinion,at least)

The Commercial Times also reported that Apple's partners are expected to enter the volume production,so they said, of the 5th generation of iPhone 5 this May, leading to some predictions that Apple might roars the announcement of unleashing the next generation of the infamous iPhone approximately in June, the month Apple always used to refresh the device each year.

Sources: Tom's Guide

The Carter IV: Lil Wayne makes a move!

OMG guys, good news for the rapper lovers out there,your beloved Lil Wayne is currently on a mission to release a brand new album entitling "The Carter IV" approximately this April. The controversial infamous rapper is said to resume work after being released from prison in November, due to the allegation of gun crime.

Based on what i have gathered, the guest of the record might include the name of familiar celebrities such as Kanye West and T-Pain. Lil Wayne was once famous with his last album series hits, formally known as "Tha Carter", released in 2008.

Sources also stated that the rapper also revealed his reading list while he was behind bars! Many biographies of famous figures like Jim Morrison, Marvin Gaye, Joan Jett and Jimi Hendrix have become the reading materials for the rapper back there. Well, this not shocking, because once you're in a prison, there's almost nothing you can do, other than reading or gambling.

The rapper also stated complimenting comments upon the famous figures,"It was deep" and "I liked the parts where some character was once this, but ended up being that. Like he'd dissing Jesus and then he ends up being a saint. That was cool." - Lil Wayne


Sunday, January 23, 2011

PSP2: Things you should know

* This picture do not reflects the exact conceptual shape of the real PSP2

Okay, here's a question before proceeding,are you a serious gamer?if you arent, then i pleased to ask you to make a move to the other topics,because this section is strictly for the serious ones only. Sorry for being rude, just to get yourself informed that most of the information extracted for this particular topic might end up useless for minors.

* This picture do not reflects the exact conceptual shape of the real PSP2

So, the rumors are seems to be strongly correct, PSP2 is going to hit us by the end of the year, but Sony have already get ourselves warmed up with some announcement to be made regarding the greatest handheld console invention-in-waiting. Sony defines that this January 27th, the four days ahead us, might be the day where a special meeting in Tokyo concerning the "business overview and strategy" and the day where PSP2 secret of existence will be unveiled, as claimed by the MCV and VG247's sources. But dont get pretty excited yet, the meeting might not having some major trade show meeting, just some boring speech stuff from the CEOs.

  * This picture do not reflects the exact conceptual shape of the real PSP2

Sony have already take part in showing off some prototype, claimed to be the PSP2 hardware and roughly mentioned about the similarity of size to the previous PSP 3000.As mentioned by earlier by Mortal Kombat's developers, Shaun Himmerick of Netherrealm Studio the machine looks powerful and might exposes the possibility of theirs to trust into the the future handheld gaming console, where a new Moral Kombat might be heading to PSP2. However, they planned not to have the attention of being amongst the first batch developers on the first day of launching.

Everybody literally loves touch screen based system navigation and gaming, but unless someone can miraculously  found a scientific breakthrough of getting some technology that enable the gamer to see things through their fingers, then playing serious games through a touch screen system might inevitably look ridiculously hard to accomplish the real satisfaction. Thus leading to some thoughts by many developers including the Apple, to put the touch sensitive section on the back of the device. Strong rumors regarding this innovation have claimed that Sony might take this thing seriously. Even though there's no official release statement concerning the way sensitive touch section getting its attention on the console, it is indeed not impossible for Sony to accomplish it.

* This picture do not reflects the exact conceptual shape of the real PSP2

Not enough for the rumors about the touch screen whatsoever, there are still rumors regarding the incoming PSP2 twitted from a Japan's Nikkei newspaper reporting the console to come with a crisp OLED touchscreen and 3G data from NTT DoCoMo when it arrives later this year, enabling multiplayer action and even full video and game downloads over the specifically Japanese cellular network. The paper also mentioned about the size of the screen might physically looks larger and will be powered by some potent new silicon! Well,this is a good news, most of the gamers love the PSP just for the large screen, and the little brother might follow the legacy with a brand new bigger screen gloriously!

One thing to be sure, Sony have learned from Nintendo's mistake, never put any tape or UMD or shits like that into the machine, it brings misery without mercy to both of developers and consumers. Face it, and get real.

Sources: ,

Dead Space 2: Isaac rocks you,again!

Never tell me you had never heard about any Dead Space before,but only if you had, then stop calling yourself a hardcore gamer! The thriller sequence continues in the latest and brand new Dead Space the 2nd, which again covers the adventure of a space engineer named Isaac Clarke, the adventure of unlikely to be end easily, but this time, no more USG Ishimura, it is the space itself which happened to be the battlefield!

The saga continues after 3 years from the first game, when our protagonist Isaac and his crews were having a technical visit upon USG Ishimura, not long after the ship has been muffled with human-based alien or lively corpses called Necromorphs. The adventures was overall recorded over the ship, where they were about to figure out what the hell is wrong with the ship. Being killed one after another, the crews left fewer with Isaac and a female captain, surviving for their lives. Well,that was history already, the thing where Isaac having right now is a present thing!

This time, the beginning starts when Isaac wakes up on a space station known as the Sprawl and figured the place is having too much thrilled Necromorphs, with almost no chance to survive! He is about to kick ass,again! Now that is where the adventure starts, you'll be asked to pick up a plasma cutter (noted that the any modded materials you have made in for the last first game will no longer available,you need to start from the basis,again), you'll be doing an engineering suit and take the fight to the monsters that eager to kill and rip your arms!

The main goal to be covered would be a search and destroy mission, where you need to find the religious idol known as the Marker which causing all the madness, but doesnt that sounds a little bit lame and cliche? Well,the factor that makes story of Dead Space 2 far more greater than the first one is the internal war Isaac will be experiencing! This time,it is about the Isaac himself,solving the riddles entangled in his mind, in fact to be precise, Isaac has definitely lost his mind!

Due to the guilty feeling upon the death of his girlfriend, Isaac seems to be clueless and trying to find out something which can make him reassures. The story makes Dead Space 2 kinda heavy stuff to be comprehend by most of the new players if none of them plays the first game. Isaac will be suffering from internal conversation and severed hallucination based on the past adventures.

Personally, Dead Space 2 is really a kick ass game,anyone should give it a try, and trust me, you'll be addicted to it by any moment. The game will be unleashed this January 25th and OMG it's TOMORROW, and available on PC,PS3 and XBOX 360. Be the first to experience the most terrifying game ever!

Maybe a little trailer will motive you more! Enjoy!

PSP with homebrews (read: heaven)

You know what people, the best thing happens on Playstation Portable which surprises the hardcore gamers are their playable homebrews and emulators; one of the reasons on why did i pick up the PSP rather than DS or other handheld gaming consoles.

For those who do not know what is the term homebrew refers to, it is about software that applied to video games or any other related software produced by the consumers themselves, targeting the proprietary hardware platform, enabling the system to play modded games or applications. The best homebrew ever created was for PSP. Some people considered to call homebrew as freeware, and Japanese usually address them as Dojin Soft.

Do you remember your classic moments with Megaman X, Mario, Pac Man, Spyro or other familiar Playstation One games? Well, PSP is one of the platform that give you that feeling of being in the games again. Needless for consoles anymore. It's like having a Playstation One in your pocket!

Well,good news for the NES lovers, NesterJ launched a new version of NES emulator for your PSP,called NesJ 1.12 v0.70. As say, this updated version of the unofficial "Enhanced Chinese" NesterJ mod adds the following (Google-translated from Chinese). Be the first to get it! 

Get yourselff a copy HERE

Nintendo 3DS is now available for pre-orders

Being released on March 27th in the United States, Nintendo is giving a chance to the lovers for pre-orders on Amazon. The new 3D Nintendo DS will be available on both Amazon and Walmart just to make sure that you might be the luckiest number one customer to purchase such a great invention of the century! Nintendo is also planning to launch the 3DS on February 26 for Japanese version.

The handheld gaming console will also be available at Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black, where the pricing will be at approximately for $249.99 (if converted to Malaysia Ringgit,it would be RM774.97 approx.)The console is already a bestselling video game item on Amazon although the release date is still two month away from now. So what are you waiting for? Go for it,tiger!

For more info,visit the official Nintendo website.  :)

When a mouse becomes a joypad

 Sometimes, people are lot more crazier than we expected. So do their invention, when some of the geeks out there managed to combine both mouse and joypad into something cooler! Well, how could that possibly be? Just take a look at those photos. Special dedication to for such an expose.

Shogun Bros. Chameleon  X-1, that's what they called. When flipped, you can find yourself twelve buttons and two miniature analog sticks on the bottom. It works as a gamepad, obviously, and can be changed into a one-handed multimedia remote control,which is awesome to me.


 The appearance seems like a normal,common cheap mouse, but yeah we cant judge something just by looking at it,we need to turn it around, and boo-yah! A surprise on the bottom! If you pull the rear panel under the X-1 logo, you will found yourself compartments for a single AA battery and the wireless USB dongle. The mouse seems to be powered by alkaline cell, but the usage of any other rechargeable unit instead doesnt make that thing blown to pieces,gladly. It also comes with a mini-USB port underneath the cover.


Well,thinking about purchasing a brand new joypad? Think again. Your mouse can really be the savior this time.  :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

iPhone vs PSP + DS + Other gaming consoles?

Portable gaming has been steadily making some room for new players with the rise of iOS, Android, and other mobile platforms. In response to this trend, Capcom intends to make their presence felt on those devices, adding that gamers have already abandoned the handhelds.

According to Capcom Interactive president and COO, Midoori Yuasa, more and more gamers are leaving the PC, DS, and PSP to go play on a device like the iPhone. “The casual gamer that used to play on the PC and the hardcore gamer that used to play on a dedicated gaming portable now plays on their smartphone” she told MCV.

“The iPhone and larger smartphone markets are extremely important to Capcom as, like no device before, smartphone have the potential to become a universal game platform," she added. “We have a lot of stuff on the horizon for both hardcore and casual gamers, so 2011 is shaping up to be huge on Capcom’s mobile front.” - credit to

Okay, first thing first, i want to mention about the games developed for the marvelous iPhones, mostly, they ARE suck. Dude, okay, dont get me wrong already, i just want to state some logical reasons here, so be calm, not need to curse me yet, i am about to make things interesting.

What is the major difference between the iPhones and the portable gaming consoles? If you answer something similar to me, then i really can call you a hardcore gamer. Yeah, it is the gameplay that changes the whole scenario of the games themselves, the way you navigate your character, the way you control the brake, and the way you aiming your shotgun to the zombies. This might sounds ridiculous, but does the new touchscreen system really give you to true perception of gaming satisfaction? If you were about to say yes to this, then i could really call you an ex-hardcore gamer.

Touchscreen and d-pad, are two entirely different things. The touchscreen, a recent development of electronic visual display,is a system which allows your finger to easily navigate through things in the phone, making tasking a lot more easier to be done. While d-pad is short for directional buttons, which is used as a medium between the fingers and the application, to communicate and transferring data. Unlike the touchscreen, the d-pad appearance is much more classical AKA old and less exciting than the new touchscreen based system. But, when it comes to gaming, it is inevitable to admit, that d-pad worth the trophy. No matter how you say, the touchscreen just cant give you the right feeling or precise measure to completely control your subject matters. The thing that sucks the most is, the feeling that you cant entirely master your character! I've played some of the game on iPhone 4, yeah, it is really fun to stick your finger around and observe the reactions, but it is hard, really hard for me to make my character moves according to my own instinct. It's just didnt feel right.

As i mentioned earlier, gaming navigation from a finger touch is fun, but for how long? The first time you use it, you will found it fun, but trust me more, in months, or even weeks, you will found the bore. Unlike the d-pad, for a common hardcore gamer, it never get bores. Just for example, from the ancient Playstation One to the latest PSP Go, has anyone complains about how bore the consoles were,to be played through d-pads? I found that hard to google. This is a serious factor, nobody's gonna complain if the navigation system does give something straight from the gamer himself.

These are the comments based on the same topic from

"PC, DS, and PSP to go play on a device like the iPhone."
Yeah right that will happen... Never!
Why the hell would I go over my console collection to iPhone?
I got NES, Saturn, Dreamcast, PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360, etc. Which is much better than touchscreen gaming.
I did play on an iPhone once, but it's nothing like the real thing. - PS360 Owner1

The cell phone is FAR from acceptable to become a suitable gaming platform. Capcom has really been sniffing too many Sharpies to be making this statement. The public has far from abandoned the portable consoles, in fact, it's becoming more and more pronounced that we need a portable console market. It's not so much people are swaying towards the phones, it's just that (unlike portable consoles) new phones come out every couple months!! We only see a new console every 5 or 6 years, possibly longer! It's no shock why people go crazy for iPhone 4s or EVOs or whatnot while they don't gloat about their PSP or their DS. They're old. We need stronger focus on creating an affordable portable market with qualities and features the public wants. F*ck the easy money-making, that's what's killing the industry (reading $ony?). We want some expansive and user-controlled, not some stock piece of crap limited to what the developers decide on. Hell, the PSP wouldn't really be around or respected the way it is right now if it was never cracked open years ago. And don't say it's the library either, as vast as it is, there are only a handful of gems worth paying for. - Zenshu

True, PSP has a lot more to offer. Iphone is just a joke. F'king capcom, that means no new Street Fighter on PSP for sure now. - Jerrywest

Ahem... According to the community on this site, I can positively state that, out of the 10 people commenting, 0/10 said that the iPhone is a greater gaming machine than the DS & PSP, while 10/10 said that the iPhone has less than half the worthwhile games of the handheld bunch. (Smart-ass mode off)
Honestly, i don't know where Capcom is getting their information, but they probably need to find a NEW source.
3DS will take off, and Capcom will just see for themselves how much SF4 sells. -

The most simplest question for the hardcore out  there; iPhone or gaming consoles? You decide.
Best of luck, Mr.Steve Job.
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