Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The iPad 2 is here!


From the Apple's iPad 2 event, the ultimate MacOS company starring Steve Jobs himself,  is currently releasing the latest official debut and information about the next generation of iPad, and yes, this is no joke! Full credits to the engadget teams for the news and the picture!

The iPad 2 will be packed firmly with the dual-core A5 chip, new CPU with twice the speed, enhanced graphic performance exceeded up to nine times better than its predecessor, HDMI output ready, and hell yeah, it finally comes with front and rear cameras

However, there are things that will be left untouched, such as the power requirements, and the 10 hours compromised battery power, exactly  the same as the first iPad. But what a surprise, the pricing will be statically unchanged and seemly unaltered at all! The price will be approximately at $499 (converted to Malaysian Ringgit, it will be RM1518.33)  at the least! Also, the gadget will comes in a rather thinner shape with two colors, the black and white.

The iPad 2 will be starting to sail and meet the stores at March 11, 2011.

(will be updated more, stay tuned!)


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  1. The iPad2 seems to be fuelling an industry of it's own. Have you seen the whole lot of ipad 2 cases that are out in the market? My favorite is the denim version ipad2 sleeve. It's kewl!


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