Tuesday, March 1, 2011

PSP Go is still alive!

Okay,we might probably heard the news that the first shipment of the newly released Nintendo 3DS, which has been launched just 5 days ago in Japan, sold out completely. Well, it is a common thing to happen (especially for the Japanese hardcore gamers) whenever new console arrived in town,isn't it? But here, we'll not be talking about the 3DS, but instead, the spotlight for now is the so-called-failed-product, Sony PSP Go, believe me guys, it got sales boost! Credits to for such an awesome expose!

The list indicates the hardware sales for the week ending February 20th based on Media Create chart :
  • PSP – 63,330
  • PS3 – 25,242
  • Wii – 12,221
  • DSi LL – 10,037
  • DSi – 8,022
  • PSP go – 2,487
  • Xbox 360 – 2,183
  • PS2 – 1,863
  • DS Lite – 973

 For the sales of PSP Go, yeah, we know that 2,487 would be probably counted as shits, but hey, look at what happens to the sales of the same device last week!

  • PSP – 106,893
  • PS3 – 26,766
  • Wii – 15,028
  • DSi LL – 12,069
  • DSi – 10,039
  • Xbox 360 – 2,118
  • PS2 – 1,665
  • DS Lite – 1,003
  • PSP go - 10

For those who think that 10 is not a big deal, well, to my own rationality, it is a big number since we have the consistent rumors, saying people will waste no more dollars on PSP Go, unless they know nothing about the device at all. The purchasing are still going, at the least of 10 units last week!  it is the best thing could really happen to the device! Yet, from the list, the most easiest conclusion we could suggest so far would be the nigiyaka (lively) sales for the Sony's ultimate gaming device are due to the fact that people still love to play the PSP, even the Playstation 3 just managed to come out as the second.

Meanwhile in another happening news, the SCEE (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe) is expected to come out with surprises for the PSP,of what they claimed as the "exciting PSP plan". However, there will be no telling about what could precisely included in the manifesto. Despite of not knowing the truth yet, some accounts from the source website have already predicted the possibilities of the content in the plan!

"The announcement for Europe is probably PSP drop price. $129.99 converted to pounds is £79.92 but it'll end up costing about £100.00 or so. I wish it'd really cost £79,92 (around this price) and not £100,00 but it's due to extra charges." - Owner1

"i bet they're gonna have a price drop of their own as well, but not the directly converted price from the US. but i do hope these "exciting plans" are indeed worth looking more into" - Glenn M

"gtfo troll. The NGP probably has the ability to play the lesser resource using ones and why would it have OOS when it is Sony you are talking about? Back on subject, I get the feeling that the exciting plans might include a price drop for PSP-Gos and probably something to do with PSN." - Etnas Prinny

Based on the comments, i'm pretty sure as well that the plan should be covering the strategy for the price drops. This is a great approach though since people are getting sick day by day just to wait for an original UMD without a jaw dropping price tag, especially the ones with PSP Go.

Sources:, Media Create

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