Thursday, March 17, 2011

Prototype 2: It's coming in hot!

 Remember the 2009's game produced by Radical Entertainment, where the only thing you need to do is to squash or destroy almost everything just to gain the magnificent power and mission objective? Yeah, the Prototype, and now, we'll be having the second sequel,entitled with the Prototype 2, pretty soon. Thanks to and the EGM Digital Magazine for such a great news! Arigato gozaimasu.

We'll be disclosing the details upon the game now.Let's see now...

Based on the sources, the game will be well prepared with:
  • Even more enhanced structures
  • Deepening storyline
  • New characters
  • New chicks
  • Storyline-connected side quests
  • Limited number of slots
  • Enemies and vehicles can be possibly dismembered.
  • and of course, it is the New York still, packed with 3 divided zones, literally based on the level of the infection; the green, yellow and red.
 However, there are things that would be permanently changed. For instance, the previous muscle mass power will be unavailable but being replaced with the tendril powers. Another change will be the power store reappearance, which will not be rolling on the next sequel, instead, an underground lairs will be used for a purpose of absorbing certain powers and upgrades from your nemesis.

Okay,that's it for now. I've prepared the trailer, so just help yourself. :)

*and oh yeah, there's nothing wrong with the released date on the trailer, it will be coming in the year of Mayan's, the 2012, be prepared. :D

Sources:, EGM Digital Magazine

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