Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Acer ICONIA: Double Screens for Double Goods?

Oh God, it is true? Am i the only one to miss the spotlight of Acer's latest innovation so far? Or can i just assumed that the newspaper is lamer and outdated? I was shocked to know that there's a new invention from Acer via a today's newspaper (which i didnt even know), and instead when i perform the double check on Google, then news has been alive like months ago, and listed on Wikipedia already! What the...?

Never mind that, here's Acer ICONIA, the not-so-latest invention of "touchbook" from Acer, and where's the real spotlight here? Well, to those who thinks it is obvious, the laptop comes with a DUAL SCREEN; one on the top, and another one is on the surface where keyboard was once there. To my first glance, i was thinking about Nintendo, why? It is because the portable gaming console Nintendo Dual Screen works just the same. Except for the stylus.

Based on Acer's official website, the touchbook comes with a package of new applications like Acer Ring, Social Jogger, Gesture Editor, and Virtual keyboard.  The Acer Ring works just like the Window's Media Player, or iTunes, except for the capability to move our fingers around the player window. Social Jogger allows us to view a website twice the size of a regular window! Get the picture? Next, the Gesture Editor allows us to make our own gestures on the screen, works just like editing your own shortcut on the keyboard. Last, ICONIA do own a keyboard, but a virtual one.

However, there's a bad side for this kind of innovation. For instance, engadget reported that the screens are glossy, leading to the factor of light reflection on the second screen, and yeah, it annoying to see glares on your virtual keyboard, no?

Here's a footage for the actual ICONIA in action. Check it out yawl~

(P/S: ICONIA has been announced on engadget since November 23rd 2010)


  1. I remembered Nintendo DS too when I first saw it on the newspaper. Similar concept but with touchscreen. that's cool.

  2. oih, skrin tu boleh buat tablet ke? boleh lukis on the spot tros?

  3. Yup, you can use both bare fingers or stylus. :)
    Lead yourself into a purchasing.


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