Friday, February 11, 2011

Hosni Mubarak resigned!

After about 2 weeks of confronting the unstoppable massive public strikes and retaliations, the vice president of Egypt, Omar Suleiman has announced the president's official resignation via a live national television on yesterday's evening. (Egypt's time). The national administrative power will be conducted by the military divisions.

"Taking into account of all the difficulties being faced by our country, President Mohammed Hosni Mubarak has decided to resign as leader of the country and handed the task of administering the Egyptian Supreme Council to the Armed Forces", based on the translation of Omar's speech last evening.

The jubilant environment from the streets and Tahrir Field dominated the big picture, where people couldnt be happier after cruising into the streets with strikes for the last 2 weeks, in order to force the regime's president to perform an immediate resignation. Some of them praise to the only God, "Allah huakbar" multiple times, and some of them ignited the fireworks to demonstrate their celebration upon the news they had demanded.

Moments before the announcement was made, Hosni made his way from the city center to Sharm el-Sheikh, which is the place for presidential retreat.

Now, i really glad to hear the news, Egypt has been in the riot for quite a long time, and should be stopped at once before anything worse happens. Hopefully nothing will go wrong after this. Let us pray for the good of our middle east brothers. By the way, i've included the video of the celebration. Please take a look. :)

Source: mstar online


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