Friday, February 4, 2011

The Misfortunate of Mine

Okay, it took almost half of a day travel to reach Shah Alam from Kota Bharu, and yes, it's been a very, very cold night, with the air-conditioner being switched,i dont know, maybe to the max? I WAS shivering to death, man! I just cant help myself getting jealous seeing the girl that sat next to me covering herself in a blanket, gosh, i wish i could be in the blanket too! (hey,dont get the wrong idea :D )

Arrived approximately at 6.30 am in the Shah Alam's basu noriba (bus station), i met these seniors, which i considered as the arrogants (except for one or two of them), i shook their hands, successfully made some hypocrite smiles, and off  i queued up to do my subuh prayer at a nearby surau. I dont get it, the radius of the place is ridiculously small, just merely able to fit 4 persons at a time, why cant anybody do something to make the place bigger? This is so wrong, supposedly, the admins should be considering this even more, unless they just dont give a damn about how much people actually do their prayers.

The Commercial Center

Finished with that, i made my way to the cabs, looking for  a ride to the commercial center (my residential place). After couple of minutes passed, an uncle just showed up, offering a ride into the campus. Since it just takes a few minutes to reach the campus from the commercial center, i raised my hand and asked him, "Bang, pergi ke seksyen 7 tak?" (Do you take the road to the 7th section?), and how disappointing, he just simply... ignored me? WTF, cant you speak a word? I'm a customer here,duh? You cant just make yourself speechless when it comes to a customer, asking for your service? I left the moron uncle and looked for another reliable drivers.

Luckily, i met one. Together with two girls, happened to have the same direction, we took off to the commercial center. The cab charged us every RM3 for the first 1km, and add-on 10 cent for every 15 meters onward, i always thought that the charging meter reacted ONLY if the cab moved, and how disappointing again, when the cab stopped at a red light, the meter didnt stop AT ALL. Is this some kind of cheating? You just charged us for an immobilized cab!

I reached the commercial center at 7.40am, and paid that guy RM6, although the actual charge was RM5.70. Fucking cheater. I paid him, but i wish the God will punish him with something. Yeah, i didnt complain. I realized that. Taking few steps to the house, another misfortunate stroke me,again! Those housemate guys just locked the grill door with a padlock, which i didnt have any key for it! WHAT THE FUCK? What on earth is happening to me? I yelled, cursed, and punched a nearby wall. I just pissed! I'm the earliest house member to arrive, and i cant grant any access to the door! Who on their right mind wouldnt blast any anger?

So here i am, taking my breakfast at a nearby fast food restaurant, typing these, waiting for those fuckers to open the gate, or the only solution i could think of so far, pay another RM30 for the padlock eliminator. Hell to the no.


  1. bhahahahahahahhhahahahahahah~
    poor you!
    skang kau kt mne?
    lawak. :))

  2. Hahaha,ako kt kfc bdekatan,sial btol kot.
    byk gile bnda jadik kt ako arini...balasan tuhan kt ako sbb durhaka kot. T_T

  3. hahahaha
    kau derhaka ngn sape weyh?
    kau lari dr rumah kah??

  4. haha,xda larh,mne la taw ako mmg ade wt something yg dikire mendurhaka kpd tuhan gitu..xpon nie adalah ujian dariNya..huk3
    cmnie la ako sya..ditindas,dipijak,dinafikan hak.. T_T

  5. wahahahaha.
    sedeyh aku.
    tu lah. nak blk tak reti reti buat kunci sendiri.
    kn dah kene merempat! hahaha
    sabo jelah~
    yg lain blk bile?

  6. ako pon mmg duk mnyalahkn diri td,gile ssh sgt kot nk p duplicate kunci,bangang btol plak ako rase! ko bygkn la,da bpe lame member umh duk warn suh duplicate,last2 jadik gak cmnie,dlu pnh skali jadik.nie da kali ke 2 la,bodoh btol. T_T

  7. hahhaha.
    tu lah.lepas ni baik kau pergi duplicate kunci.
    kan ah terseksa kau duk kt kfc tu sorg2.
    breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper, breakfast utk esk lagi, hadap lah kau kfc smapi MUNTAH! haha

  8. haha,tuh la pasal,hambik ko duk la kt kfc smpai ko fobia..gile btol kot.. eee!!
    an ckp dye nk balik bile?

  9. hahaha
    pengalaman sekali seumur hidup.
    wt part time skali lah dekat kfc tuh.
    dpt gaji. takpun mkn free. hahaa
    sepatutnya die kate nk blk hari ni.
    tp, smlm die pergi kaunter tiket, dah tutup. so, mybe die blk esk kot. hehe

  10. sialan azhan..sume nk buli ako nie!!Aaaarrgghh!!
    kalo ade someone ngn ako,bleh gak tong tong duit pggl mamat kunci kt bwh,tlg pecahkn mangga tuh.

  11. hahaha
    gi gadai ipod kau.
    mesti dpt byk duit weyh! try lah. hahaha

  12. I hate when the meter still runs while waiting for the light! Sorry you had a bad day, but amusing!

  13. yeah, i was shock to know that, i simply cant believe my eyes either. T_T

  14. sya - lawak k,ako mane ade ipod.laki ko la byk duit bli iphone. :D

  15. belaahhh.
    kowg sme jek.
    ske bli bnde2 gtu.

  16. poor u! law i kt tmpat u pon i'll do the same thing!! it's too much! sbar je la ea.. stiap yg terjadi tu ade hikmah ny.. btw, love ur english! ^^

    jemput singgah sini ANASAURUS

  17. sya - lawak,laki ko la yg mnyungguh nk bli bnda tuh,ako tukang nasihat,jgn beli,jgn beli.last2 sifat kesyaitanan ako tidak membuahkn hasil T_T

    farhana - tuh la pasal,nk kene saba la kn,arini gile byk btol dugaan nye..okay,akn menyinggah pasni,sila la follow sy pnye ye. :D

    ain - i hope i do have some lucks today.

  18. ouh, really? hahahah
    biarlah dia. janji die bahagia dengan apa yg dia beli tuh. haha
    kau taknak jugak ke?

  19. ako xmampu la weh nk bli bnda tuh sume..ako dtg dari family yg sederhana,so bersederhana la ako. :D

    cube la ko tgk,dari bju smpai ke laptop,mne ade ako pkai bnda yg mlampau mahal.skadar bleh pkai ckop. :)

  20. boooooooooooooooo~
    poyo btl lah kau. hish. ok, tukar topik!

  21. sabar ye rasy.dugaan kau mungkin xseteruk aku lg!


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