Thursday, February 3, 2011

Playstation Phone official commercial leaked!

Now, now, i think everybody must expecting to know better about the so-called Playstation Phone,no? Well, it seems to me that Sony Ericsson shouldnt be the one to attempt much efforts of announcing the device since it has been leaked for months, yeah,i said it,for months already! So basically we have already know what should a Playstation Phone looks like, and the overall knowledge about its benchmarks.

Just to get yourself clear, there's been a number of pictures, details, and hand-on impressions have been made few months for the one they called as the Xperia Play. Now here comes the latest one, being uploaded to the youtube by a Norwegian site (, the first commercial ever,leaked! As the video shows,it features an Android mascot is currently going through a surgery of getting extra thumbs in order to use the phone's analog touchpad!

Buffer the video below to see it for yourself.

Well, Sony will be expected to announce the device official revealing this Valentine's Day, when the Mobile World Congress expo taking place on February 14 to February 17 in Barcelona.Go for it people!  :D


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