Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Japanese's cutest ads!

For the last 20 minutes, i just had this feeling: boring, clueless, i need something to watch and make me excite, and guess what? While browsing my friend's page,( he had this discipline of updating his blog once a week, leading to the relevance of me,taking a quick tour, to find out what just happened in a week ), i just saw a video, the same with my other friend, farey, publishing exactly the same video!Hahaha, stumbled upon Farey's and Aizul's posts about the Japanese McDonald's tv commercial ads, i just figured an idea about what should i write this time! But first, please do me a favor to watch the so-called epic tv ads ever!  :D

Now this is an easy mark for us to give a prove that kids are always hyperactive, cheerful, and sometimes retards exaggerate, they just give us the unexpected way of returning the favor! (What the hell am i saying anyway?) Notice the one with the blue shirt? Well, as quoted by Aizul; "Beware with the kid in the blue shirt. His face might haunt you in your nightmare",yeah,he's right, and this is my opinion - he's the real deal, do not attempt to approach this kid by any means necessary. Do contact the nearby security administration within a safe range, just dont get close to him, he'll bite you while making those f-ing googly eyes!  :D

Other than that, those extra ones are the blue shirt kid wannabes! But hey, i think the little pony tailed girl is really kawaai!! Dont you think?

Apart from that, i just love the Japanese people, they are the real talents, even the small guys like the ones you saw in the video could make you laugh like hell! Just imagine what might they turn into when they grow up? I can see the next Super Juniors are on the move!

One more thing, SPONGEBOB turns into SPONG-GI-BO-BU in Japanese? Wow,now that's the toughest part in the syllabus, turning an alien word into theirs!  :D

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