Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Novel American: Zac is in the house!

 Before going any deeper, i want to express something; actually,i ain't a fanboy of Paramore, neither the Hayley, nor any of the members. I just happened to post this topic for the sake of the entertainment news, nothing exclusive,so do not expect me to hail something over here!  :D

So, i just caught the news about the former Paramore drummer, Zac Farro has joined his guitarist brother Josh's new band named Novel American! Josh, who happened to be in the team for the last few weeks ago, apparently disclosed the details regarding the new band earlier this month.

 The previous drummer of Novel American, Tyler Ward applauded the replacement based on his statement from the official blog, and now here's the full statement made by Tyler, happy reading! 

"We’ve got some exciting news! But first, I wanted to give you a bit of perspective in to the journey we’ve been walking out for the past few months as Novel American…

The NA guys are great friends with incredible hearts about to do great things. Unfortunately, all along the way, I found it abnormally hard to fully connect my passion to the drums and to the project. With a baby on the way, a slow attempt to redevelop my love for playing music and a schedule dominated by non-profit work that I love, bringing 100% of myself to the band wasn’t always manageable.

Throughout the process I’ve kept a conversation open with the guys about my unexplainable disconnect. And, in the end, I feel like to stay on board half-hearted is only going to hurt both them and I. So, in the very best interest of the band & my wife and I, I’ve decided to step away from Novel American and support them from a friendship level.

But the news doesn’t stop there. In fact, it’s just getting good. Turns out that the guy filling my seat happens to be an incredible drummer with an even more incredible heart. And, there’s no doubt in my mind that he is only going to benefit NA both onstage and off.

I assume some of you might have even heard his name before…

So please help me officially welcome as the new drummer of Novel American, Zac Farro!"

Enjoy the band, Zac~

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  1. i looove zac! def have to check this band out.

  2. Alas, the greatest band yet to be unleashed sooner or later~ :D

  3. i love josh farro and zac farro.


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