Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Back to The Stage


Terribly sorry for the almost-a-week absence,currently working on my flooded assignment, guess cant really find the right time to spend on writing here...but hell yeah, those assignments are well moderated by now, and i just rescheduled the time to burn some candles for you guys!  :D

(well, i'm a little bit envy with a friend of mine right there, just happened to keep the consistency of updating his blog and his fan club thingy whatsoever to the max! Guess he's capable to reserve a lot of time for those. Well, as long as he put both of assignments and blogs on the priority list, they will work just fine.)

Oh boy, you know, i'm currently an art student, taking graphic design as the major department for my bachelor degree. It's really fun to acquire the knowledge of stuffs like tweaking this and that on the images, and yeah, i've taken a lot of times to properly mastered most of it.

Cant see my artwork around here? Haha, well, sincerely,i AM an extra super mega lazy guy, just cant afford the enthusiasm of consistently designing something just for fun, unless i am obliged to do so. (well, at least you can see some of my effortless designed  buttons on the right of this website)

However, it is not like i cant recognize how a good design should looks like. I've seen hundreds,opps no, thousands of graphical-based design artworks for the past few years, and i can tell ya, most of tricks are really easy to achieve, you just need the right mood, the right time, and the right enthusiasm. Or else, you'll end up just like me; observing an artwork and comment something like this, "This banner looks really sucks and loathing everyone, i can make it better. Kid stuff.", and moments later, nothing happened.  :D

I can say, nothing much going on for the past a week, no? Well, based on the latest entries from my source sites, i just happened to assume that way, nothing blows enough though. But wait! Maybe i just missed the interesting parts somewhere. I'll come back with that later. Chills for now.

Here i am again, writing for some entries...

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