Saturday, February 12, 2011

iControlPad the savior

Sick of getting your fingers blocking your view on the iPhone screen? Settle down, the savior is here. With the new iControlPad, you can leave the touch screen controls a goodbye kiss. Guess someone just did something upon hearing the complaints regarding how sucks an iPhone could be without the d-pad system. :D

What is that thing anyway? It is a gamepad adaptor for iPhone exclusively, and priced approximately $75 (converted to Malaysian Ringgit, it will be RM228.34) . The adapter will comes with a digital d-pad, two analog nubs, six front buttons and two rear buttons.Please take a note, this is for iPhone only, sorekara, if you are planning to put this into your Blackberry phone, think twice.

So what do you think? Are you buying? Well, just for your reference, i just put various comments from Gizmodo regarding this release. Happy reading. :)

I really think Apple should release this kind of thing officially for the iPhone.You have the main phone doing just as it always has, which is great, but then you have the option to expand it's control with an official controller add-on that all developers can support in their control schemes for their games.I don't see how that could hurt any, unless Apple thinks it undermines the phone somehow that they even have to offer an extra control option, but I really just think it would be good...Like people having to buy arm straps so they can carry their phone in a useful way when jogging for example. - iNCEPTIONAL

The only thing the Playstation phone has that the ICP doesn't is touch analog sticks. Which kinda defeats the purpose of putting buttons on the thing. The ICP has actual sticks. - Jason Dupree

Not all emulators work.No shoulder buttons.The thing is HUGE.Why should anybody buy this? - Gary Blake

The clamshell would limit the devices without it having a heavily engineered design. This is a design that allows for simple modifications by anybody and the most flexible device coverage rather than just a few phones with certain dimensions.At worst this is a expensive bluetooth gaming controller. At best, any future phone upgrades you have this will work with.- Noisome

Holy crap, this is expensive - Eric Arrache Goncalves

Aaaaw it's only $75. Not an arm or leg or anything SMH - Robhatesbuttons

This looks like some old Nintendo from 20 years ago. I think I'll just wait for the Android/PSP hybrid thingie.- Chris Connor

How cool would it be if you could (on a jailbroken phone) define geometrical spaces on the screen where the virtual controls for a particular game were present and then have button presses simulate a touch to that area? This wouldn't solve the problem completely since it would require jailbreaking but at least developers would not have to build in support for the device. Not sure how feasible it is.... - bensashi

"we're told not all games and emulators will work with the thing"
This is important. Game pads are not part of mobile device design, support will have to be added by each developer of each game... this is the same problem the xperia is going to have. I would love to see a list of game that WILL work with this for any and all platforms, I suspect it will be very very tiny... love the concept but they need to do some serious promotion with developers to make it actually DO something when you connect it up...- ima747

For the size and price I could just use one of the Nyko mini Wii remotes with my Droid. It's cheaper, and I know that the 3 major emulators I play will work with it. - MaxwellMudd

oh, this is gonna be awesome! - Spine

Either thats a bad picture of it or that device is really overpriced. - Gregory Pierce

Yup, looks like a $2 China gadget. That said, for $10 I'd buy one... hell, even $40 would be okay, because the battery can be used to charge the phone (great for extended gaming sessions). But with shipping to Germany they're like $100, so... no. :( - Simon Broenner

Looks like it costs about $4 to make. - Xephrey


  1. It temporarily went on sale for US $49.99 plus shipping, which added up to $74 total. I went ahead and ordered one. I will post my thoughts on once I get it.

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