Thursday, January 20, 2011

A wedding crasher-in-waiting

Okay,here's a biatch, trying to poison my girl's mind over something that wasnt even there. The biatch, told her that i'm having an affair with someone, which i considered as an incomparable bullshit in the first place. Why did i write this you asked? Well, duh, dummy, of course i am writing this because i AM pissed!

I dont even go out from the front door for more than 5 hours, hanging out with the laptop for almost 24 hours, scrolling over and write comments on the facebook statuses, and she thought that i'm having affair already? I was pissed really bad the first time to know there was SOMEONE,who happened to get jealous or whatever upon our beloved relationship, and tried to crash it as soon as she could.

Hey,i aint blaming my girl for being the one to buy those bulls, i more of accusing the jerk one. Hey, if you were reading, i am officially laying a middle finger on your forehead in miles away. Stay out of trouble, unless you asked for it.
Get a life, get real.

The Clown

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