Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Unleashing the Need For Speed Shift 2!

Let me get this straight, i hate any racing games which cover the whole career mode in circuits, and i hate to follow few orders on the gear shift management just to make a lap or corner turn out efficiently. In short, i hate most of the legal racing game, yeah, i said it,most of it, i'm just more into the street race, the ones that requires a full gut of being chased by the police army. Sorry, i just to need to admit this before proceeding to the title, just to make sure your view is clear, that i'm the guy who hates circuit based racing game. Okay, let us continue with the most exciting part,well,for certain people..

So what now? The Electronic Arts (EA) just startled me with the announcement of making the second sequel for the previous Need For Speed Shift, coming to Europe stores this March 24th. The sequel will be named as Need For Speed Shift 2: Unleashed.

Actually the announcement was made since the end of last year, and i just missed the information. Never mind that, the next sequel is expected to retain some of the most infamous features from the previous sequel, which are the experience points, leveling, badges for performance, visceral driver/track interaction and of course, the peak of realism experience will covers most of these. So, what are the improvements? Here, you got a full Elite simulation mode,similarly with the ones from both Morza and Gran Turismo, full damage is now available, allowing the players to end their races with such horrifying crashes. The physics are improved, and the AI is getting smarter,or even, smarter than you.

For me, the true innovation is the helmet cam, another point of view that disconnects the driver's perspective from the body of the car and simulates a real head on a real neck, so the IGN said. This will contributes more for the gamers out there who boost out for the reality life simulation. There will be stat meters, upgrades and tweak galore too.

Need some video review? Just buffer the video for me please.  :)



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