Friday, January 28, 2011

Gaga wishes for exotic scent!

 The "artificial bitchy artist" is being weird again, and this time, she plans to step into the shoes of perfume industry, wishing to release an exotic perfume or rather being called, the scent of blood and semen, which brought me into saying inappropriate things like, "she's fucking kidding,right?"

Guys? Does semen refers to some sort of perfume in the dictionary? And if we minus the horny couple, who's in their right mind, will gonna love such a bullshit like that? Although it is not a direct sourced rumors, instead coming from her selected perfumers, claiming the artist asked her to make such perfume, i really cant tolerate that as just a rumor, nothing more.

Our kids are tend to follow the trend, especially from the TV ads. Just imagine if the perfume idea was real, dont you think it's a little bit of annoying to smell others' semen in your dining room air? Will the new semen perfume conditioning making your food smells desirable? Do you think your daughter tells you that with the new perfume, she make her room smells like semen just to cover her boyfriend actual semen on the floor corners? Think of it. These might happens.

 Somebody's gonna stop Gaga from achieving such an inconvenience desire. What is wrong with the most expensive perfume in the world? Or she just lost the functionality of nose, misinterpreting the semen scent as something that comes straight from heaven itself? I seriously cant help to get it right.

*But hey, i just figured the only bright side of the perfume; making your girl easier to laid. :)



  1. I like Gaga, but this is a trip! For real!! How is this going to push her into the limelight in any responsible way i do not know. Still, like her music! :)

  2. I cant give you the right answer for that, sometimes people just go crazy,and always buy shits , probably thinking on how to achieve the best way to stay famous.

    i love her music, i just cant stand her bullshit.

  3. This Gaga person never fails to freak me out. What the actual f.....?


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