Thursday, January 20, 2011

The local greatest horror movie so far?

Khurafat's Trailer

Okay now, just arrived from the nearest cinema, watched a local, breathtaking horror movie.

The story begins with Johan, a young lad who works as a medical assistant in a government hospital. He married to a girl named Aisyah. For the initial part of the story, the couple live in peace & happiness, uninterrupted, but unexpected hit implicate the story when his ex,coming back to claim a past relationship, leading to the impact of the 'mysterious disorder' is going way crazier than usual, which brings to the catastrophe ruins to his family.

So now,here's my rating, Khurafat, 4 out of 5! Holy mother!
The overall rating based on the cliche meter of the movie, from the beginning to the end of the story. Pretty much excited with the way they introduce the ghost for the very first time, the cliche parts mostly dominate the entire footage,but it doesnt necessarily means it sucks, great ghostly approaches cover the thriller parts. Great job!

The truth is,not everybody in the house likes what have the movie achieved so far, especially when it comes to the director's factor. I can see that a lot of people do not like this young, talented i might suggest, bravery local director, Mr. Syamsul, and on what occasion do i said he's a one bravery person? Well, it's very RARE to see the local horror filming industries to produce such a great film with a continuous and non-stop thrilling parts, with the mergence of various horror factors, mixed up together to form a new way of experiencing horror film. Believe me, in order to achieve these, you gotta have a lot of guts to spend the money on the management. It is about taking a great risk.

The greatest thing is, the storytelling tried to give viewers some various--and i mean it-- self-perceptions upon the story line before proceeding to the next scenes, and literally making it a very kickass horror AND thriller movie. Yeah, mostly you can tell whenever the ghost will come out, but thats aside of the story, and the positions of emergence are cliche too, indeed, i hate cliche.

Dude, i can tell ya, i'm licking no butts, but this movie is awesome, and deserved to be honored as the greatest horror movie so far. Well,that's for my personal view at least. Since this is my first comment upon the greatest local horror movie so far, i can guarantee that more movies using the same themes will be enrolled pretty soon.

Although some of my friends questioned the make up and appearance of the ghost, but do i give a damn? I havent seen any problem regarding the dress code. It still looks great, and pretty well made. Congratulation for the make up artists. :D

Support more locals,guys.

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