Monday, January 24, 2011

Dead Space 2: Hitting the market now!

 As i am writing right now, the most terrifying, horrifying video game ever created on earth is striking the market, available for almost all platforms, including the iOS based ones, the iPhone 4G, iPad, and iPod Touch 4G! But wait, the version iOS will not be entitled with Dead Space 2, just a sequence between the first and second version of the game. Good news, the iOS version is already out, so make sure to get yourself a copy!

Anyway, let's focus on the other platform of Dead Space 2. Interested to get one? Well, get yourself $54.96 and you'll be able to purchase a pre-order stock from the Amazon, giving you the 8% discount prior to the title released today! Plus, free shipping!

Here's the list of standard price based on respective platforms on Amazon:

Playstation 3 - $54.96 ,saved $5.03 based on the original price $59.99
(converted to Malaysian Ringgit - RM168.08, tax excluded)

XBOX 360 - $54.96 ,saved $5.03 based on the original price $59.99
(converted to Malaysian Ringgit - RM168.08, tax excluded)

PC - $56.99 ,saved $2.96 based on the original price $59.95
(converted to Malaysian Ringgit - RM174.29, tax excluded)

Dead Space 2 is a sequence of the previous game, Dead Space, a collaboration of EA Inc. and Visceral Games. The previous version of the game was a flying colors success, and yet to be predicted the second one will meet the same result, or even greater. Dead Space 2 comes with a multiplayer features up to 8 players online in objective-based mission setting in five astonishing locations.

Get your ass up and start playing the f-ing awesome game!

Source: Amazon


  1. I'm not really into video games, but this is freaking awesome! :)

  2. Yeah,totally dude,you need to get this one!


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