Tuesday, January 25, 2011

PSP2: The Official Shape Exposed???

What's that? The official photo leaked? Oh my God, if that was supposed to be true, then Sony should be in a lot of trouble right now, they ARE already in unsettled business regarding the so-called allegation made by Geohot with the PS3 jailbraking, and now they are about to get troubled with some exposed images, claiming to be the real thing, the PSP2!

Even Sony themselves have nothing to say about the pictures, yet, but i can assure you that their representative will take a very effective action, just to cover up their little secret asses about the real thing, they will say no to the picture, and they will deny at any cost, assuring people to get over it, never thinking about it anymore. However, things happen today aren't exactly according to their plan. People may talk, speculate, and even believe that Sony is just trying to cover things up.

Okay let's just get started with the picture craps. Bear this in your mind, this is just an "official" picture, (notice the quotation marks), since there is no official statement about any Sony PSP2 shape debut yet, then we can still assume some portion of the image might be taken as a joke. You have the right to judge based on your instinct, or some knowledge whatsoever. Full credit to for such a magnificent leaking!

But do Sony actually know about this? Perhaps they do, because some week after this, they are about to schedule an official release of their latest Playstation Portable model. Yeah, they will talk about this, a lot!

Now now, according to the picture, the next model will come up with a slider, similar to the one on PSP Go, just a little differ with the shape, and thank God, Sony are finally using their mind right now, it has two analogs! We've been waiting for this like thousands ages! The buttons are fine, look simple but significant. As we have been exposed before, the screen  might be a little wider from the previous version, making the overall size will be expanded as well. It has a 32GB SD PSP2 "memory card brand", but wait a minute, did i just see a stylus?? A Playstation? With a stylus??

This is so much similar to the Playstation Phone, ya know, the one from Sony Ericsson, and what the hell does a stylus has to do with the console? When it comes to the stylus part, i do think that this picture is a crap, but who am i to overwhelmingly comment such insignificancy? So i just let you guys to do the judge.

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