Monday, January 24, 2011

iPad 2 & iPhone 5: On the Track!

 Holy mother, they ARE for real this time! Those two sacred gadgets are about to hit us real soon! Be prepared to spare more money or simply throw your former iPad or iPhone 4G to eBay or Amazon to gain the extra ones. Want to know more? I've prepared the text, so help yourself!

A contemporary shocking news about the iPad 2 existence exposes by Monday China's Commercial Times, reporting that Apple's manufacturing partners will begin the iPad 2 production next month, but mentioning about giving it just a "little space".It was expected to see more productions by the second quarter of calendar 2011. Apple express their decision to keep Foxconn as its largest manufacturing partner while Pegatron and Apple's other suppliers will be focusing on the process of manufacturing.

As far as i've already known based on the information gathered, the new coming iPad 2 will come up with a resolution of 2048 x 1536, however, the exposes are still in ambiguous, as IDC reseach manager Tom Mainelli said that such report was a bit premature, and not yet to be confirmed. What is shocking, that resolution is supposed to be for the next iPad 3! So, without any prior notice to the public they have already make up the planning, which seems to be too far  to be good. (well,that's my personal opinion,at least)

The Commercial Times also reported that Apple's partners are expected to enter the volume production,so they said, of the 5th generation of iPhone 5 this May, leading to some predictions that Apple might roars the announcement of unleashing the next generation of the infamous iPhone approximately in June, the month Apple always used to refresh the device each year.

Sources: Tom's Guide

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  1. Well the iphone 5 launch is supposed to be fixed for the 4th of october - but tim cook is gonna do the presentation instead of stevie . =(


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