Thursday, January 27, 2011

Simon West talks about the next Con Air

Do you remember the 1997 American action-thriller movie Con Air? The one with leading actor Nicholas Cage as the hero, and John Malkovich as the badass leader? Aaahhh, what a classic moment, dont you think? The story nominated 2 Oscar awards plus 2 winnings and another 8 nominations, making the movie likely one of the best in history. I love and enjoy watching the movie for numerous times, the story plot is great, and thrilled myself to the max the first time i watched in 1998.

I always wished Simon West would consider a sequel back there, and now, guess God just granted my wish. Simon West is actually talking about his planning to make a sequel for the most famous movie back at 1997! I was just like,oh my God, I couldnt be happier than this! This is great!

Simon West stated to that he would like to put feelers out about making the new film, based on his conversation with Nicholas Cage, the main actor of the film. "It's a matter of getting everybody together," he said. "There's so many people involved and it's about getting everybody to agree. But I'm going to bring it up to Nic. I'm going to put a bug in his ear about it. If the two of us want to do it, we'll go after the others."

Simon referred "others" here as the former cast member of the previous sequel, including John Malkovich, Steve Buscemi, Colm Meaney, John Cusack, Ying Rhames, Dave Chappelle and Mc Gainey.

I cant help it, i just love Con Air, and i do believe you are the lover too. I wish Simon will turn the rough brainstormed idea into the real thing, and of course, i might as well support any action that contributes to the succession of the film. Way to go, buddy!

* Seat back and enjoy the classic moment with the 1997 Con Air trailer!


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