Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dead Space 2: Isaac rocks you,again!

Never tell me you had never heard about any Dead Space before,but only if you had, then stop calling yourself a hardcore gamer! The thriller sequence continues in the latest and brand new Dead Space the 2nd, which again covers the adventure of a space engineer named Isaac Clarke, the adventure of unlikely to be end easily, but this time, no more USG Ishimura, it is the space itself which happened to be the battlefield!

The saga continues after 3 years from the first game, when our protagonist Isaac and his crews were having a technical visit upon USG Ishimura, not long after the ship has been muffled with human-based alien or lively corpses called Necromorphs. The adventures was overall recorded over the ship, where they were about to figure out what the hell is wrong with the ship. Being killed one after another, the crews left fewer with Isaac and a female captain, surviving for their lives. Well,that was history already, the thing where Isaac having right now is a present thing!

This time, the beginning starts when Isaac wakes up on a space station known as the Sprawl and figured the place is having too much thrilled Necromorphs, with almost no chance to survive! He is about to kick ass,again! Now that is where the adventure starts, you'll be asked to pick up a plasma cutter (noted that the any modded materials you have made in for the last first game will no longer available,you need to start from the basis,again), you'll be doing an engineering suit and take the fight to the monsters that eager to kill and rip your arms!

The main goal to be covered would be a search and destroy mission, where you need to find the religious idol known as the Marker which causing all the madness, but doesnt that sounds a little bit lame and cliche? Well,the factor that makes story of Dead Space 2 far more greater than the first one is the internal war Isaac will be experiencing! This time,it is about the Isaac himself,solving the riddles entangled in his mind, in fact to be precise, Isaac has definitely lost his mind!

Due to the guilty feeling upon the death of his girlfriend, Isaac seems to be clueless and trying to find out something which can make him reassures. The story makes Dead Space 2 kinda heavy stuff to be comprehend by most of the new players if none of them plays the first game. Isaac will be suffering from internal conversation and severed hallucination based on the past adventures.

Personally, Dead Space 2 is really a kick ass game,anyone should give it a try, and trust me, you'll be addicted to it by any moment. The game will be unleashed this January 25th and OMG it's TOMORROW, and available on PC,PS3 and XBOX 360. Be the first to experience the most terrifying game ever!

Maybe a little trailer will motive you more! Enjoy!

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