Saturday, January 29, 2011

The latest Evil Dead is coming!

Have you ever watched the most horrifying 1981 horror film The Evil Dead? Ya know, the one that based on the story from a group of students, having some kind of vacation and planning to stay in an isolated wooden cabin, and being haunted by the spirit of the woods? I can see that you're nodding! I loved watching it once i was a child, the props were too real! My sanity was merely there when i watched too much blood splashed through the movie, couldn't help peeking through my fingers just to keep myself updated on what would really happen next. What a childhood memory. I wish i could watch it again. :D

Luckily for the lovers, the film director Sam Raimi is reported to produce the latest sequel for the film; the director's business and producing partner Rob Tapert mentioning about looking for a script in a recent press conference with Detroit Free Press, considering the idea of returning another glorious, horrifying The Evil Dead. He said it is not impossible to realize such a thing. The franchise already has two sequels in a row, entitling with 1987's The Evil Dead II and 1992's Army of Darkness, and the latest one will be considered in progress.

From my point of view, i just dislike both of previous sequels, why? Because the story plot seemly ridiculous, and kinda funny. Watch them for yourself and experience the awkwardness of the sequels, at least it's from my personal opinion. That's the only reason i wish for another latest sequel, the one without the drastic story plot change, and please do not change the cast, especially the old Bruce Champbell, he's the heart of the story so far!  :D

* I heard The Evil Dead has its own video game! Is it the same as House of Dead? I barely remember. :P

Here's the trailer from the first Evil Dead in 1981,enjoy the classics!


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  1. serious sadis ok!!

    aku suke kesadisan yang mcm ni... =)


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