Friday, January 28, 2011

LG expected to lead the 3D phone!

Yeah,there's nothing wrong with the title, as we can see today,almost everything around us, somehow attempting the possibility to be ignited through the all new 3D-based technology; the wide-screen television, the cinema, the computer, the portable gaming device, pornography adult movies, you name it. And for now, whether you wanna take this as a joke or not, here comes the first phone in 3D!

Sources stated that LG will become the first developer to actually build a working phone without any special 3D glasses. The prediction is based on the invitation content the company begun to send out regarding the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, mentioning something about "Into the New Dimension. Experience the new world that LG is opening.' Well, for some people, it is obvious, LG is thinking about the 3D stuff. It's a contemporary trend anyway.

For the locals, usually The Mobile World Congress never get too much attention, but due to the 3D speculation, somehow it is this year that the perception might changes. It is expected to be huge! We can say that people hate to wear glasses just to get a better view of the 3D screen, and it seems to be a trend nowadays to not to wear anymore glasses. This is perfect for LG to prove that the mobile got what it takes to handle the 3D stuff without wearing any weird stuff.

The event will be held exactly on Valentine's Day, so if you really care about making something special or romantic to your spouse, well, i just gave you a hint; you might be thinking Barcelona right now, make her smile and say something like, "George, promise me that you're gonna buy the 3D LG for me pleeeaase??"  :D

Source: I4U News

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