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iPhone vs PSP + DS + Other gaming consoles?

Portable gaming has been steadily making some room for new players with the rise of iOS, Android, and other mobile platforms. In response to this trend, Capcom intends to make their presence felt on those devices, adding that gamers have already abandoned the handhelds.

According to Capcom Interactive president and COO, Midoori Yuasa, more and more gamers are leaving the PC, DS, and PSP to go play on a device like the iPhone. “The casual gamer that used to play on the PC and the hardcore gamer that used to play on a dedicated gaming portable now plays on their smartphone” she told MCV.

“The iPhone and larger smartphone markets are extremely important to Capcom as, like no device before, smartphone have the potential to become a universal game platform," she added. “We have a lot of stuff on the horizon for both hardcore and casual gamers, so 2011 is shaping up to be huge on Capcom’s mobile front.” - credit to

Okay, first thing first, i want to mention about the games developed for the marvelous iPhones, mostly, they ARE suck. Dude, okay, dont get me wrong already, i just want to state some logical reasons here, so be calm, not need to curse me yet, i am about to make things interesting.

What is the major difference between the iPhones and the portable gaming consoles? If you answer something similar to me, then i really can call you a hardcore gamer. Yeah, it is the gameplay that changes the whole scenario of the games themselves, the way you navigate your character, the way you control the brake, and the way you aiming your shotgun to the zombies. This might sounds ridiculous, but does the new touchscreen system really give you to true perception of gaming satisfaction? If you were about to say yes to this, then i could really call you an ex-hardcore gamer.

Touchscreen and d-pad, are two entirely different things. The touchscreen, a recent development of electronic visual display,is a system which allows your finger to easily navigate through things in the phone, making tasking a lot more easier to be done. While d-pad is short for directional buttons, which is used as a medium between the fingers and the application, to communicate and transferring data. Unlike the touchscreen, the d-pad appearance is much more classical AKA old and less exciting than the new touchscreen based system. But, when it comes to gaming, it is inevitable to admit, that d-pad worth the trophy. No matter how you say, the touchscreen just cant give you the right feeling or precise measure to completely control your subject matters. The thing that sucks the most is, the feeling that you cant entirely master your character! I've played some of the game on iPhone 4, yeah, it is really fun to stick your finger around and observe the reactions, but it is hard, really hard for me to make my character moves according to my own instinct. It's just didnt feel right.

As i mentioned earlier, gaming navigation from a finger touch is fun, but for how long? The first time you use it, you will found it fun, but trust me more, in months, or even weeks, you will found the bore. Unlike the d-pad, for a common hardcore gamer, it never get bores. Just for example, from the ancient Playstation One to the latest PSP Go, has anyone complains about how bore the consoles were,to be played through d-pads? I found that hard to google. This is a serious factor, nobody's gonna complain if the navigation system does give something straight from the gamer himself.

These are the comments based on the same topic from

"PC, DS, and PSP to go play on a device like the iPhone."
Yeah right that will happen... Never!
Why the hell would I go over my console collection to iPhone?
I got NES, Saturn, Dreamcast, PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360, etc. Which is much better than touchscreen gaming.
I did play on an iPhone once, but it's nothing like the real thing. - PS360 Owner1

The cell phone is FAR from acceptable to become a suitable gaming platform. Capcom has really been sniffing too many Sharpies to be making this statement. The public has far from abandoned the portable consoles, in fact, it's becoming more and more pronounced that we need a portable console market. It's not so much people are swaying towards the phones, it's just that (unlike portable consoles) new phones come out every couple months!! We only see a new console every 5 or 6 years, possibly longer! It's no shock why people go crazy for iPhone 4s or EVOs or whatnot while they don't gloat about their PSP or their DS. They're old. We need stronger focus on creating an affordable portable market with qualities and features the public wants. F*ck the easy money-making, that's what's killing the industry (reading $ony?). We want some expansive and user-controlled, not some stock piece of crap limited to what the developers decide on. Hell, the PSP wouldn't really be around or respected the way it is right now if it was never cracked open years ago. And don't say it's the library either, as vast as it is, there are only a handful of gems worth paying for. - Zenshu

True, PSP has a lot more to offer. Iphone is just a joke. F'king capcom, that means no new Street Fighter on PSP for sure now. - Jerrywest

Ahem... According to the community on this site, I can positively state that, out of the 10 people commenting, 0/10 said that the iPhone is a greater gaming machine than the DS & PSP, while 10/10 said that the iPhone has less than half the worthwhile games of the handheld bunch. (Smart-ass mode off)
Honestly, i don't know where Capcom is getting their information, but they probably need to find a NEW source.
3DS will take off, and Capcom will just see for themselves how much SF4 sells. -

The most simplest question for the hardcore out  there; iPhone or gaming consoles? You decide.
Best of luck, Mr.Steve Job.

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