Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Intel's New Director of Creative Innovation Goes to...Will.I.Am???

I just accidentally spitted out half of my coke once reading such article, mentioning the name Will.I.Am connected to the title, what the hell? The Black Eyed Peas's Will.I.Am? But after reading the details, perhaps i could swallow the fact that he might be the right guy,just maybe.

According to the sources, Intel announced on Tuesday at their internal sales and marketing conference, the Grammy-award hip hop star will become the next Intel's New Director of Creative Innovation, expected to lend hands within the range of device development, which covers the development of laptops, smart phones and also the tablets. Intel is the most largest chipmaker of the world which dominates almost entire world's personal computer with its chips, stated to gain the attention of the youngsters by combining both entertainment and technology.

Will-I-Am was the one to take responsible for the overcrowded people on the CES (Consumer Electronic Shows) 2010, leading to the relevance of getting the musician aboard the company. In easier words, no Will-I-Am, no teens.

Well,be prepared to read my personal comment upon the absurdly shocking news. First thing, this is what i have in mind the first time i know about this - OMG, i just cant believe that the rapper will become one of the geek guys from a company that dominates the computer industry. I mean, come on, he doesnt even look like one. He deserved to be something else, perhaps an ambassador. (or he might act like a director with an ambassador craps inside,that is cool though)

The creative director is just too much. I dunno what might Intel gain by the end of the development progress, let's just assume, all laptop, smart phones and tablet will be made based on what Will have in mind. Then what's next? Well, at least, the chips will be molded in gold, just like the ones rappers hold in their teeth.

But when it comes to the relevance information mentioned above, i do think that they got the point there. Every teen, no, everyone love Will.I.Am for his voice and his songs. In fact, inviting the rapper to any ceremony or concert is the easiest way to gain the crowd traffic. So, Intel, you just made a great move, be sure to watch Will.I.Am for us. Make sure he wont mess up things.  :D

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