Friday, January 28, 2011

NGP will comes in 2 versions, undetermined pricing

Due to the recent succession of publishing the latest invention of the next handheld gaming console, i've been thinking a lot of cool words of compliment to be matched with Sony, not until this morning, i got a news concerning about the decision made by Sony; planning to release two different versions of Sony Next Generation Portable (NGP), one with the 3G capability and the other one without, and now it confuses me, leading to a question; are you sure about making this stuff?

A report from Eurogamer claimed that Sony stated the uncertain decision was not made clear during the announcement presentation last January 27th; not all of Sony's handhelds with have function of 3G functionality, but according to SCEE boss Andrew House, the Wi-Fi capability will have no changes in planning, assuring that all devices will have the built-in Wi-Fi. It is due to the fact that Sony wants to secure the 3G partnerships leading to such decision, and the service will be charged based on the usage capacity.

About the price tag prediction, the device will not expecting more than $599 ( if converted to Malaysian Ringgit, it is RM1830.24 excluding the tax), as quoted by Shu Yoshida, the SCEE executive, "From the very beginning of the project, pricing was one of the considerations that we had. Hopefully when we announce the price, people will see the proper value." He mentioned about it after being reminded of how expensive the PS3 the first time its launched many years ago.

Okay,enough with the report, personally i do really think that Sony will face more intricacy if the issues of what version to be made bumping the company, they should be thinking more deeply before going for a huge presentation. I hope Sony do not plan to boast and said only cool things which are too good to be true during last the presentation because it really sounds pathetic. Man, it is not like i want to complain everything, just to voice out my worries upon the flow of the device development. Sony shouldnt be messing up things in order to gain more attention from everyone.

About the price, i got nothing much to say, but based on the general comments from most forums, the people predict it will be ridiculously expensive.Although the representative just considered to tag a relevant pricing in the future, there will no guarantee on how "relevant" it will be.

Source: IGN


  1. Will it be able to send SMS?
    because I'm planning on getting rid of my cell phone, all I use it for is texting anyways.
    I'm going to buy the white 3G version asap//If I can text my friends with it!


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