Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Angles: The Strokes bang the list!

"Behold master, the mighty band is about to grant you the tracklisting for their fourth album, 'Angles'!" - so the genie said to Ali Baba, so, what might Ali probably says? if you ask me,then i'm telling ya, guess Ali will cuts the genie's head into half, and make way to find another genie that could really grant him the gold.  XD

Haha, enough with the bulls, hate to make some bad jokes anyway.  So The Strokes made it, they just revealed the new album, and for the lovers, it is certain to ask what could be better than that? The album is scheduled to be released on March 21 and March 22 in the UK and US respectively. This excludes the single 'Under Cover of Darkness' reported to have no release date yet.

Okay, here's the tracklist for the album "Angle":

'Machu Picchu'
'Under Cover of Darkness'
'Two Kinds of Happiness'
'You’re So Right'
'Taken For A Fool'
'Call Me Back'
'Life Is Simple In The Moonlight'

So guys, i know you cant stand the cost, but try to purchase the album LEGALLY, support the band, never make your way to the isohunt or limewire or other torrent providers, if you really care and called yourself a hardcore fan, you should be understand on what exactly i am talking about,yeah ,say no the piracy, support the band! yeah!

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