Sunday, January 23, 2011

When a mouse becomes a joypad

 Sometimes, people are lot more crazier than we expected. So do their invention, when some of the geeks out there managed to combine both mouse and joypad into something cooler! Well, how could that possibly be? Just take a look at those photos. Special dedication to for such an expose.

Shogun Bros. Chameleon  X-1, that's what they called. When flipped, you can find yourself twelve buttons and two miniature analog sticks on the bottom. It works as a gamepad, obviously, and can be changed into a one-handed multimedia remote control,which is awesome to me.


 The appearance seems like a normal,common cheap mouse, but yeah we cant judge something just by looking at it,we need to turn it around, and boo-yah! A surprise on the bottom! If you pull the rear panel under the X-1 logo, you will found yourself compartments for a single AA battery and the wireless USB dongle. The mouse seems to be powered by alkaline cell, but the usage of any other rechargeable unit instead doesnt make that thing blown to pieces,gladly. It also comes with a mini-USB port underneath the cover.


Well,thinking about purchasing a brand new joypad? Think again. Your mouse can really be the savior this time.  :)

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