Saturday, January 29, 2011

Is it wrong to use English?

I looked through all of my friends' blogs; they seems very creative in terms of designing the headers, the sidebars, the entry boards, almost everything. Some of them got what it really takes to have numbers of interesting and useful topics, but some of them just cant stand a chance. This is based on how much followers i saw for respective account at a time. And yes, they used the native language of Malaysia, the bahasa melayu.

I dont know where should i put this, but through the creative usage of native language, some of them got almost a thousand followers, just by posting some irrelevant entries and seemly ridiculous based on my perception, leaving me to ask myself a question; is the factor of using foreign language affects people's interest of reading and following, especially for the Malay people?

"Is it wrong to use English?", i kept asking myself, and failed to stop thinking about it. The only reason for me to use English as the primary language is just to be fair with everyone. I got followers from many major regions of the world, including the ones from the United States, India, New Zealand, and Indonesia. Hence, if i happened to use bahasa melayu to describe a very interesting entertainment release, or gossips, or games feed, does it seems to be a little bit unfair to those who cant understand the native language in the first place? Personally, i think everybody deserves to understand what exactly is going on.

Is it difficult to understand my words? Are you having problems in replying proper comment? Are you sick of reading English-based text? These are the questions that i merely got the right answers. People are not responding to most entry i made for the last 7 days. I do not mean to boast myself, but i think i got the rights to receive any constructive comment upon entries that i found interesting and latest. It's not like i'm currently using a Cambridge English standard, plus my English phrases are at worst!

I bet nobody's gonna answer at these either.
Sorry for posting a rubbish entry, just happened to write this due to the frustration of seeing such poor feedback from you guys. My full throttled enthusiasm of blogging nearly comes to a halt right now.

*You may post your comment in both English and Malay, or pick any as you pleased. If you wish not to comment, just leave.


  1. tak salah pon guna english kan...
    ini dalam malay-

    this in english (broken english) n sometimes in malay-

  2. I agree with you, RASH! XD
    hah.. tu je la yang ak nk cakap. haha. ^_^

  3. it depends on your target audience... if you target local audience, i suggest you to write it in what others comfort of... but if you want more than that... better you write in English... as a blogger... we need to stay calm and not too emotional with the audience.. don't care about the follower... care about the readers...
    even you doesn't have any doesn't mean that you don't have the readers... but appreciate your follower.. they might the most LOYAL audiences.... ;)

    actually you got that feedbacks maybe cause you promote on wrong places... they not information gatherer type of blogger... so... try search a group to promote your blog...

    i forgot to invite you to :D

  4. write and write don't look for a pat on the back you are not chocking. you write better english than i.i have only one language english. i don't care for your subjects but i do care for your writing. and it is good i am 65 years old and i am not in to horror movies. there is to mush real horror in the world. keep writing in all languages that you can don't limit your self. good luck and god bless

  5. actually it depends on yourself and who are your readers target...if you are targetting on one scope of people it's important to know what language they want to read...what is important is you, what your want to write because some people only know how to gudge not to feel and understand what you want to tell...


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